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    I remember when I was a youngster and dreamed of fishing all the time. I was in a single parent household (today's terminology) and the only male relative who would take me fishing was my Uncle Gabe. Now, Uncle Gabes heart was in the right place, but he weighed in at about 340 pounds and had a very, very bad case of gout. But still, Uncle Gabe would grab the cane poles, walk me about a mile and a half out of town to an old farm pound where we would catch perch and bull heads. I am now at a point in my life where I could sort of repay Uncle Gabe for all the blisters he put on his feet just to take a kid fishing. I know there are other kids out there just like me, they want to fish. Problem is... how do you find them. I would think it would primarily be a single parent household where the mother don't know anything about fishing, or cares less about fishing. How can I meet up with this family, convince them I am not a pervert, and put a little sunshine in that kids life? Would an ad in the personals work... how about asking the police department for some names, I don't go to church, so don't have a pastor to ask, we are a small, rural community. But there has got to be a way to find three or four kids who love to fish. Just how?
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    Every year the Clay County Missouri Sherrifs Dept. puts on a fishing derby for kids. Might be something to look into.

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    Top, I'd ask the Town Marshall, etc. if you are small. They usually know more than folks would be comfortable knowing they know, LOL. Our's used to call me by first name....still does.....I think he's still got his eye on me, even retired.....
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    Walter Flack
    This might help some:


    The secret to making a fishing trip a success for youth is to plan the entire trip around their interest level. As adults we enjoy the “fishing” and kids typically first need to experience the “catching”. If they get hooked on catching, they will grow to enjoy the fishing.

    Keep it simple.

    Begin by fishing for bluegills or catfish. Success is more important than species.

    Make it a reasonably short trip to a close by body of water.

    Pack a fun lunch and make it a part of the experience.

    Focus praise on their participation rather than their catching.

    Be ready to quit when you can see that they are done.

    Be ready to extend the time if they are having success.

    Teach them “Catch and Release” when appropriate.

    Not all kids are destined to become fisherman so present the opportunity and see if they like it.
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    Would the Big Brothers org. be something that would fit this? I don't know but they have people take youngsters out to do things that don't have a male role model. Might be something to look into.
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    Check with your local sheriff's dept or the dept of children services.
    They are out there. There is a group of us here that take around fifty to sixty fishing every june and include a large picnic and we also have prizes that we get donated to give away. I know you don't want something that big but they are there.
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    Maybe you should try going and see what happens..lol

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    I take it ya got no kin out there. Looks to me like some good advice came your way from the above posts.
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    Big Brothers/Big Sisters or even though you may not go to a church, doesn't mean you can't stop by and talk to the minister/youth minister.....
    Hell, ask the attendant at the local Caseys/Gas station.. In small rural towns, you usually can't break wind without the whole area hearing about it....
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    See if there is a cubscout troop in your town.I am involved in Scouts and many single parent kids go to scouting, it acts like a babysitter of sorts for the parent but in a atmosphere that is good for the kids.

    Talk to the troop leader and maybe orginaze a few small outings with the different levels.The scouts would jump at the chance because they can earn badges and such for learning to fish and stuff.
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    Lawrence, I agree with Jerry here. Not only would you get a chance to teach some kids fishing ie, fishing merit badge, but, many of the other life experiances that you have had through your life, can be found in the merrit badges.
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    I think you've answered your own question bud, the Police are about the BEST place to start. If they don't know of anybody personally, then they should at LEAST be able to point you in the right direction.
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    Well, well, well, fancy that. My next door neighbor's son is into scouting. The dad thinks he can help me in this endeavor. So, I'm gonna give it a shot. LOL Thanks all of you...
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    You have a good heart thats for sure! The scouting is the way to go. Some people just don't trust any more.
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    Might get up next lSunday and go to church God may be telliny you that is something he wants you to do. that would be a good way to tell some of the youth about the Lord.And get them off the streets and give them something else to think about. your Bro in Christ Sam Davis
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    Lawrence, that's pretty cool. I was a scout when I was young & some of the funnest camping trips I ever went on, was during my scouting days. We would camp alongside a river and fish all weekend long. I had a buddy in the scouts, and we'd get up before the sun and catch a few channel cats for everybody to eat for breakfast. Fried catfish & eggs was a darn good start to the day.

    Anyway, my point is: if there hadn't been someone there who cared enough to take our group out camping & fishing, I wouldn't have those memories. We had a blast, and it was all due to a few men who wanted to invest in our lives.

    Thanks for being one of "those guys."