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    In the words of Alan Jackson "Where were you when the world stopped turning, that September morn'?"

    Where were you when you heard the news about the World Trade Centers?

    I was working customer service for Cingular Wireless, handling the New York, New Jersey, and PA markets. It was weird, we were very busy, then the calls just dropped to nothing. I got a call from a Sprint customer who wanted to know if a plane hit the World Trade Center, if that could cause him to get Cingular instead of Sprint. I thought he was joking, but advised that if something caused the Sprint tower to go down, yes, that could cause him to loose Sprints cignal and to get Cingular. I got off the call, and was joking with other reps about the call when the announcement was made. I felt about 1/4 of an inch tall after that.
  2. wolfman

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    Triadelphia, WV
    Walter Flack
    I was working nights back then and that morning ,I went fishing after work on a lake near Danville, Illinois. Didnt know what happened until I got home later that morning when I turned on the news.

  3. LiquidSteel

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    I was at work, watching over my people making credit cards. A fellow employee walked by and pulled his headphones back and told me that an airplane had hit the WTC. Now this guy is always pulling my leg, but the look on his face told me immediatley that he wasnt kiddin. At first break, everybody at the plant was standing around the televisions in the break rooms. Nobody could beleive their eyes. We thought it was some horrible made for tv drama show. And then, they showed the second plane hit........... I got so mad. I still get mad......... Why cant these terrorists stand toe to toe with me, instead of killing innocent civilians.........
  4. laidbck111

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    I was called back to the main station house and told I was om stand by, to go and help out. That was with a company called American Medical Response, AMR.
  5. Pastor E

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    I was at a preachers retreat in Branson Mo
  6. IL Hunter

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    When it happened I was sleeping. My mom woke me up when it was time for me to go to school and said something terrible had happened in the States. I was living in Australia at the time.
  7. Little Mac

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    I was on my mail route and had walked into one of the businesses on my route and it was on the TV. I stayed there awhile watching it. I think I was late comin in that evening. Boss didnt mind, he knew what happened too. Bad day for all americans.
  8. ryang

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    At work taking trouble calls from Ins agents, after the Planes hit the calls dropped, most of us were sent home or offered to go home.
  9. jim

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    I was sitting at my desk with the door open to our op center here at Range Control.We had a TV on which monitors the base TV channel normally but the morning crew had the CNN news on for some reason.A few minutes after 9am the duty nco says to me Mr Helring an airplane just hit the WTC in New York.I,look at the TV and asked him if it was an accident and he didn't know and neither did CNN.I said to the NCO that there is no way an airliner would be near enough to crash into the WTC or any other building unless it totally malfunctioned or something happened to the crew.Crews are trained even in emergencies to steer the plane away from population centers.While we are watching, to the horror of everyone,the second plane hits.I tell the NCO that that is a deliberate terrorist attack and to alert BLDG 1 which is where the CG and his staff work.We pass the word quickly and of course everyone knows the rest.I do remember saying to myself what clever bastards the terrorists were for using the aircraft because obviously the couldn't aquire or smuggle enough explosives to do the job.Before CNN provided us the details I knew they had chosen cross country flights to hijack because they would be full of fuel.I remember telling my employees and Marines as we watched that the war had finally come to us and it would be a long one.:sad2: I have always felt the only fitting ending for Osama is to take him to the top of the tallest building in New York and throw him off.That way he will have time to reflect on how the poor people that jumped rather than burn to death felt.We should stuff a Sausage Mc Muffin in his mouth because its hard to get into PARADISE with pork on your breath.!!!!!!
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    I was on top of a railcar checking the air for a contractor to go in, he had brought out his radio.
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    I was on my way to work at a Ford dealership in North Little Rock, AR when the first plane hit. They were talking about it on the radio, but I wasn't listening very closely. All I heard was "plane hit building" I thought a crop duster had hit a grain silo or something. When I get to work, there are NO cars in the shop, NO customers and everybody was in the break room watching tv. That's when I found out what really happened. Then the second plane hit. I didnt know what to think, but I called my reserve squadron and they said we were on stand-by. A few days later my 1st Sgt called and asked if i would go to the sand box if we were activated. I said "Hell yea I'll go" without a second thought. I was activated a few months later, but didn't go to Afghanistan. I got out of the AF Reserves and went active duty. I should have done that in the first place. I'll never forget 11 Sept 2001 or where I was at that day. That is also my anniversary date of when I joined the military in 2000
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    I was headed to the hosiptal to visited my wife she had my middle girl on the 10th my neighbor stopped me and told me.