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  1. Howie Ketchdem

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    Heading out to lake hudson in southern michigan tommorrow night, trying for channel cats, have not done any cat fishing in lakes always in rivers, and i have know idea where to start my search tommorrow, i know where theres a dam in the lake, there is shallow bays and deep water drop offs aswell,mostly muddy bottom and the water is very murky, average depth of 20ft with 30-40 ft spots, any tips or info whould be greatly appreciated, thanks bros,
  2. ratkinson

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    Any idea what kind of water temp you',re lookin at. One of the small lakes I've been fishing is at about 68-71 degrees. I've been taking them pretty good between 12-17ft. When I'm in a new body of water, I utilize my depth finder and GPS. I try to get a nice slow drift or crawling troll going and find humps or drop offs. I mark areas where I have hits and try to see a pattern. I'm no pro and I'm sure someone else can reduce it to a science for you,, but, that's what I generally do.


  3. Howie Ketchdem

    Howie Ketchdem New Member

    im guessing between 72 and 74 degrees, thanks for the imput bro, im pretty much stricktly a cut bait man, gills, chubs, is that what you use in the lakes, and do you usually fish on the bottom? thanks for the help....good fishin to you!!!!!
  4. Scott Daw

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    Allentown, Pennsylvania
    During the day, in a boat, I have good luck drift fishing sandbars and points that drop off into deeper water & the entrances to small bays & creek inlets. If the spawn is on in your area, then areas that are rocky or have heavy cover would be good.