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    i gonna run some trotlines, and ive only run trotlines in pretty shallow water, 4 feet-7 feet (i didnt have a boat). i wanna run this in a lake, and i dont know where i should set it, i do have a boat now, but the boat aint quite big enough to take out into the middle of the lake, but i am gonna run 3 baits on this like, the lines are gonna have 24 hooks the shallowest hooks are going to have live gills on them, and the hooks that arent in the deepest water and arent in the shallowest water are gonna have whole shad on them, and the deepest hooks are going to have cut shad on them, i have to do it like this cause this is what i told my science teacher id do and this is for my science project, so where should i set em? like across where the creeks enter the lake?
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    Run your line parallel to the bank in water that is near structure like stumps or a channel. I always liked to run a line just on the channel side of trees in 8-15 feet of water, suspending the line so that the baits were about 5 feet deep.

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    Good luck to you. Be sure to post a copy of your report here on the BOC! Everyone wants to read it!:eek:oooh:

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    Be sure you check the laws on trot lines in your state.Lots of states do not allow the use of live bait or cut game fish on trot lines.
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    Structure---always structure. It may be as simple as a flat near deep water or a channel, or it may be in the middle of a bunch of submerged trees, but the cats will relate to structure just like bass. Do you have a fish finder? If so, finding a clear lane where you can set your trotline in among standing timber can be extremely effective. One of the best places I ever set a line was a line of trees/stumps alongside a channel. At the time, quite a few of the trees were rotted off just above or just below the waterline, letting me see just where to set my line. Today, there are only a couple of them visible, but you can still find them by hitting them with your lower unit. Once I set my line there, I never checked it without finding it hung up somewhere; oddly, one day it would be hung up one place, the next day it would be free there and hung up somewhere else. But it always had a bunch of fish on it. While creek mouths can be good, I think that if you can find where some kind of drain pipe is spilling water into the lake, that's even better. Another option is to toss out some jugs at different likely looking spots; where cats hit the jugs, that's where you want to put out your line.