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  1. okie catfish hunter

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    Ponca City, OK
    My wife and I have some time off coming up at the end of the month. We usually go to Kaw Lake since it's like 8 miles from our driveway to Coon Creek Cove. With all the high water our usual haunts are in pretty bad shape and have not been hearing good things about the fishing. I've been thinking about changing gears and trying a small river. Anyone have any ideas of camp sites, preferably with RV hookups (hate to go 5 days without A/C in this weather) within 50 miles or so of Ponca City with some kind of access to a river. Will be mainly targeting blues and flats. We plan to take a look at a camp site south of Ponca (I believe it is called River Rats) on the Salt Fork this weekend, anyone know anything about it?
  2. tkishkape

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    Gore, Okla
    The fishin's been pretty good on Kerr Lake, but it's a little more than 50 miles from you. There are lots of camping spots with hook-ups in the area. Most notably at the beautiful Greenleaf State Park and the Mar-Val Trout Camp on the Illinois River.

    Come visit in God's Green Country!:wink:

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    From what I have been hearing, they say Kaw will be returning to its normal level by August 15, and the blues are hitting in 10 - 12 foot of water on cut bait. I'd not give up on Kaw as most of the other lakes are not near as good fishing as Kaw. That is just my 2 cents worth...LOL
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    Blackwell Oklahoma
    Hey Dave you need to drive the eight miles they are catching blues by the boat loads on shad and grasshoppers lots of 20's and 30's being brought to town the last few days