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    I hope the title of this thread does not get me in trouble. But the little women and I are looking for a get away of 3 or 4 days to a lake, river or a pond that has a cabin for rent on the water so we can fish off the bank and if we want to take the boat out, we would perfer TN, AL or GA so we do not spend all of our time driving. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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    hooterville indiana
    cant help you there,but have a great n safe trip guys.

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    Keep in mind that there is a dizzying amount of waters (lakes, ponds and rivers) in these three states (TN,AL or GA)! Perhaps many don't have a cabin for rent on them...but this also isn't exactly a season where there is a lot of cabins for rent:roll_eyes:. my advice would be to find instead of a cabin a nearby motel, hotel or bed / breakfast.

    than you would have many options and could start by looking up fishing reports on them. match your style of fishing to a likely sounding lake/river/pond; make the reservations and post all the happy results! good luck.