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Discussion in 'Channel Catfish' started by TX Fisherman, Jul 5, 2007.

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    i know ive asked this question before, but where are some of the most promising spots, i dont have a fish finder, so i was just wonderin some spots, ive tried by bridges and stuff and had some luck with chicken livers but that about the onl;y place that i have had luck with rather than by docks
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    You really do not need a fish finder to cat fish, as far as bait the best there is shad or bluegill perch.

    Once you have your bait if fishing in a lake either fish around a dam with several rods and varied depts from bottom to 8feet. Also if a river comes into the lake fish the shallow flats at the mouth of the river and into the lake, I am talking 5 feet to 15 feet of water.

    If running up a river look for the log jams anchor your boat sideways in the current cast several rods towards the log jam.

    Fishing in this maner be prepared to haul in 20 to 60 pound fish....But please do not keep any fish over 30 lbs becasuse first catfish this size are very meaty and more than likely contaminated with PCB's higher than recommened for human consumption and second this is the prime breeding size.

    P.S. Prior to catching shad you need a good oval tank and you need read up on caring for shad they are tough to keep alive and a good tank will cost over $500.00. Should you wish to purchase a tank I recommend the Creek Bait Tank it is about the best on the market.

    Good Luck Cat Fishing

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    sedgwick, kansas
    I would just try and find you some open flats on the lake. If you can find and kind of structure in the lake by looking around like trees that are stiking up. Not to repeat the former post but the river to the lake and the mouth are always great places to fish. If your not getting any bites were you are at move to another till you find the fish. Hope this helps you out.
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    Riverside, CA
    dont know exactly where your fishing, but i fish lakes mostly, not alot of rivers here in so cali except the col. R. anyways i have the best luck in shady areas during the day, even in 5ft of water under a tree that has leaned its way into a lake, and of course anywhere at night, also the best fishing spots are well known by regulars also, even some rangers know lakes and rivers, try and find where the deep parts in the rivers or lakes, :0a26: