Where to fish in the Susquehanna river?

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  1. mike_4843

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    Shippensburg PA
    Hello Everyone. I New to the boc and was wounderin where to fish in the susquehanna or in central Pa. I live in Shippensburg and the isnt any good cat fishin around here except a few bullheads. I'm also pertty new to catfishing too. So if any one can help i would appreciate it.

  2. Pennsylvaniacatchaser

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    Sarver, Pa
    Hi Mike! Welcome to the B.O.C.!:0a25: I don't fish the Susquehanna but there are other members on here who will be able to help you out! Browse around and you will find tons of great information on this site!

  3. Gone fishin 4 kittys

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    Pittsburgh, PA

    Welcome to the BOC!

    I'm sorry I can't help more I don't live up that way. But I think that you have some brothers up that way that might be able to help you!
  4. Blacky

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    Philadelphia, P
    I was down at the Conowingo Dam on Sunday.
    Saw a 2 lb flathead caught.
    So they are in the Susky.
    Try for them!!!!!

    TIM HAGAN New Member

    Welcome Mike i have fished the below the damn in maryland hard place to fish low water and loads of rocks? but lots of water above the damn and with the members and others i have talked with. Seems they are catching some nice size cats up there. Saw a pic of some 20 lb flatheads and a very nice channel around the same.
    We will be fishing a tournament there on sept 9 for acats so we will see then just how big they are. With alot of catfish guys hitting the waters that day someone may catch a state record flathead for maryland that day. if you would like info on the tournaments just pm me.
  6. great pappy cat

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    Whats up mike Im also new to the BOC but,Im not new to catfishing or the susquehanna.I think I can help.Youll find channel cats abundantly about any where in the river.For a novice Id recomend the mouths of tributarys and boat launches.Then once you get into it youve got to scout out places that arent fished as much.There is only one bait to use fresh cut bait.Fresh is key.If you cant Keep them alive put em on ice.Its easy and fun to catch chubs in medium sized creeks with a trout rod some crawlers and a #8 hook.Steak the chubs discarding the tail.Impale the steaks on a 2/0-5/0 hook leaving the hook exposed.present your offering on a standard set rig.Change bait about every 1/2 hour because it will get water logged and loose its effectiveness.Itll make your expeirience better if you have the right equipment.A headlamp is a must.You can get an LED headlamp for under $20.I dont like lanterns because of the bugs so I use glowsticks on the tip of my rods.Invest in a rod & reel combo with a clicker or baitrunner feature.Cabelas has a real nice combo for under $65.(saltstriker baitfeeder& King Kat) A longer rod is usually better.I wouldnt use any thing under 8'.Good luck fishing mike hope this helped