Where to fish in the Indianapolis & fishers area?

Discussion in 'LOCAL INDIANA TALK' started by cjharrol, Aug 18, 2006.

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    I'm new to the Indianapolis area and would like to know where I could fish from shore. I like to fish for blue gill and bass, but I'm really interested in fishing for big catfish since I've never caught one.
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    There are plenty of guys on here that ill steer you in the right direction for all three! There is also a very nice article in the new Indiana Game and Fish about catching catfish in Indy. It highlights Geist, Morse, and one other. Maybe grab it and check it out, I know they carry it at wal mart. Good Luck and keep us posted.

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    Chris welcome to the BOC.. great to have ya along.... I fish the Indianapolis area alot... there are a few great places and a few good places... Havent really fished north of 16th street.. but anywhere south of there i can help you out.. let me know its no problem.. if you want we could hook up near downtown indy and fish that area at the river.... but there are some guys north of me that could clue you in on the areas im not sure about... but Geist, and eagle Creek resavoir are pretty good also.... hope this helps......

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    welcome to the boc, chris.
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    Welcome to the BOC, you will find many helpful things and people here. I don't know the area just wanted to say HELLO.
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    Hi Chris and welcome! This site has helped me be a better catfisherman in a big way. There are so many great people on here with some amazing ideas. I'm sure you'll enjoy the knowledge.
    I have fished Eagle Creek Reservoir quite a bit. If you're looking for big cats, Eagle Creek is not the best spot. Although I must say the 52lb flattie in my avatar was caught in Eagle Creek just north of the Lafayette road bridge. You can catch channels all day down in the cove by the boat launch area off of Dandy Trail, by Rick's Boatyard, lots of crappie too. I mainly fish the reservoir from my boat, but it is nice and quite out there all the time, always a good time. The White River is the best for big flatheads. There is a good flathead population in Eagle Creek, but they are hard to find. I have also caught blues out there, but no big ones. If you can find a spot on Geist, there are some big fish in there, but the neighbors are a little cranky and it's filled with boats in the day, and if you want to launch a boat they soak you $25. Happy fishing!
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    There's practically bank fishing access at almost every bridge going over the river in the Indianapolis area. My main stomping grounds are in the Broadripple area. In Broadripple most of the accessible areas are south of the dams along Westfield Blvd. North of the dams where the river is a lot slower, you'll need a boat in most spots, unless your fishing from the park or at the beach/launch area in Ravenswood. But south of the dams my personal bests are a 25lb flathead with several others in the 15-20lb range, a 12lb channel cat with the average size being around 4-5lbs and many between 7-10lbs. As for other fish, there's a good population of bluegills, crappie, white bass, carp, and my other love, smallmouth bass. This year while trying for flatheads I've caught a 3 1/2lb smallmouth and a 2 3/4lb smallmouth, they really like to slam those bluegills just as much as a big flattie does.
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    Hi Chris. I use to own a bait and tackle shop up there around troy and hardin street. Now i,m in florida but from there. There,s not alot of places to fish in the fishers but if you want to run up to noblesville ( not far from fishers ) there,s a part of white river that runs through there with some monster cats, South of 70-65 split on bluff rd you can fish all along there from the tracks to raymond st bridge some nice size cats there. Lake monroe has monster flatheads and blue,s , cattarac falls produces some big flatheads every year, ratcoon lake, both lake,s are west of INDY on u.s. 36 or rockville rd. Morse lake i fished there quite a bit and only got a couple of small blues but was fun. If your not scared of paying you can go to some of the pay lake,s to get a good idea of what your going to catch in the rivers and lakes. Indy lakes is on southport rd and there are a couple of more on that rd to. Yates lake in on 40 (Washinton st) and county line rd might be called raceway rd now. They all charge about 12.00 to fish at night and i think 10.00 in the day time. As far as bait you can try sucker chubs and or creek chubs, gold fish the white ones are better and if you can find some pumpkin seeds (looks like a blue gill) but has more color. Hope,s this will help you. BC
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    Yates closed down a few years ago...and I wouldnt fish Indy Lakes if it was the last place on earth....but Catnabbin knows his stuff. I used to love that bait shop in Frog Holler! Dont shy away from the river in front of Westside Bait & tackle on White River parkway either. I have seen some nice flats come from this bank.