Where to fish in hot weather on a big river

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    Here is the scenerio, I have my opinions but wish to hear other ideas.

    I'm fishing on a big river, The Columbia river. Equal to the Mississippi or the Missouri etc.

    The river is dammed at McNary which makes it form a huge reservior behind the dam( Lake Wallula). The main river channel is 20-120 feet deep. There are some bays and pools of shallow to very shallow water which make up much of the shore line.

    The water in these bays is without much current. The Temps range from 68-80 deg in the 10 foot or less depths. The water in the main channel is about 60deg or so and that water is moving pretty well through the lake.

    Where to fish? This lake/ river has given up a few cats to 30 pounds, and thousands every year that are 12-20" long. My biggest is 17.5 last weekend. I've been fishing the same place over and over but I want to learn more of the lake and try some new places.

    My opinion is that I need to be in 70deg water after dark in the shallows near isolated islands or the main shoreline. My feeling is the cats are prowling these areas for food. What I want to get help on with this scenerio is where to fish during the day, or maybe a better idea for the evenings.

    Thanks for suggestions, I know that the visual might not be easy from my description but It's the best I can do here!
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    Mid south hunting and fishing mag is a great source for some of my help it is dealing with some of your problems allways follow baitfish in the end nature can not be ignored most cats eventually move down river for spawning I would just look for the grooves of slower moving water cats are lazy that kind of area theres oxygen on the sides so there very comftorable :wink: hope that helps

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    sounds like you know where the fish are ,you might try drifting varying the depth as you go or even fishing structure during the day along ledges and logs where fish hide till dark ,either way good luck
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    sounds like you have it covered. along with drifting if you can find where striper have been feeding you might find catfish also looking for the scraps.
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    2 things Boat or shore? and what kind of structure is around?

    If your from a boat and have either a map or a depth finder i would go and find quick drop offs... going from 10 ft or less to 20 or 30+ in yards... This will be great feeding area for the cats... they will head out into the deeper waters during the day and then come up shallower at night to feed... if you can find some sort of secondary structure, downed trees, clam bed, boulders that aren't in the shallower area... something to attract them further it will be more of a prime spot...

    If your fishing from shore try and aquire a map of the lake and look for those spots... also try the up stream side of a cove that falls on an outside bend... This will create an eddy but is also a prime feeding zone for fish since they have a moving buffet going by..