Where to fish for trout in a river?

Discussion in 'Trout Fishing' started by Stormin_Mormin, Mar 9, 2007.

  1. Stormin_Mormin

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    What part of a river should I go to for trout fishing, calm, rapid, deep, shallow, etc. And what type of gear should I use, besides fly fishing gear?
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    a good place to start, web . trout fishing america. in ur case kansas, then ask arround. boc libary should hook u up with all the necessary list of articals for trout. i would start with light spinning tackle . after u get a plain . go. when u get to site ask locals what the bait of the week is . next just get ur feet wet. lol :confused2:

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    When you are fishing the river for trout you want to look for springs or creeks that enter the river. This will be very good spots for the trout because of the temperture change. When it comes to shallow,deep,and fast waters.... the trout will be in each area but you will have to use different tackle for each. If you are using flies in fast moving water your best bet is to use bigger flies because the trout will see them better. In deep slow moving waters use smaller flies. Another way to do better is put a size 10 wet fly on with a smaller fly trailing it. The bigger fly will attract the trout over and will eat the smaller fly.(Trust me on this one:tounge_out: ) Hope this helps ya:smile2: -rebelman
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    If you are only using a spinning rod then its alil different wit the tackle. In the fast moving waters instead of the bigger flies use bigger spinners or more flashy spinners. In the slow moving waters you can use a clear bobber with a few feet of line and small sinkers and use the wet fly rig i was telling you before. Then in the deeper poles you can use small ultra light lures they have out now. They have Yo-zuri Snap Beans (www.yo-zuri.com), Norman Deep Tiny"N'(www.normanlures.com) and Rapala Countdown lures. Also rebel has some nice small crankbaits that will work awesome also. Hope this helps you.-rebelman:cool2:
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    Beebe AR
    IN AR the best is in or right behind shoals:tounge_out:
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    Yep, many times, they wait there for the bait to come to them.