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    la junta,colorado
    hope someone can tell me were to thow my line at this dam do i throw were the water come's out or next to it. can one of you's put spots on this pictures and show me. also i use a 4OZ noroll sinker but the current drags it down stream doesn't stay in place

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  2. tkishkape

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    The dam in the picture has a concrete spillway with a smooth bottom making it very difficult to anchor a sinker in place. There is probably a deeper area directly in front of and parallel to the dam. The end of the white water plume bends around to mark the approximate center of that channel.

    You might try to cast a 6 to 8 oz no-roll sinker with a short leader to a small compact bait. Cast it several feet upstream (to the right) of the plume of water flowing from the pipe. Try to make the rig hit the bottom and stay a few feet on the right (above) the white water.

    A compact bait is important to keep it from fluttering or helicoptering in the current which will drag everything downstream. I recommend the head only of a fresh cut baitfish.

    Adjust your rigging until the weight size is heavy enough to hold it in place. You might have to experiment a little to get everything right.

    If you still have problems, watch other fishermen and see what they're doing. Some will not tell you anything, but most will enter a friendly conversation when asked about that particular model of reel or "Is that a Custom rod?"

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    Very nice spot, it look like some big ones in there.
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    I think I want Albert to teach me how to fish. Nicely said my Brother!
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    the bigger no roll is a good idea, and the smaller bait will definatly help,
    Another idea is to look for the eddies. This is where the dead or dying baitfish will natrually drift to and stay. I did not see any large boulders, but anything that breaks the current or where the current "swirls" and changes directions can hold fish. I like to toss lighter weights (3-4oz) so this is the areas i look for. Plus big fish do not fight the current all day, they will go to a hole on bottom or eddie where the current is almost non existant.
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    i would target eddies, rock piles, or slack water. i would also fish the shallower edges at night. the cats will probably come up into these ares looking for food that may have washed into these areas during the day. look slike a good spot, i wouldnt give up on it.
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    Just on the chance the concrete bottom isn't real smooth, I'd give a spider weight a couple of tries. Won't work if the bottom's smooth, but if it's got some rough places, the spider weight will hang up. Spider weight: has 3 or 4 wires coming out the bottom in a shape like a tiny grappling hook. If you make one with soft wire, like clothshanger wire, you can probably bend the wires out straight when you want to pull in your line; with stiffer wire, you'll have to attach the weight with a light line so you can break it off when necessary. To keep from breaking your light line during casting, use a sinker sacrificer:
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    Very nicely said. Thanks for that tip.