Where to fish at skiatook

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  1. brandon

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    I have only been on the lake twice. I am so close I would like to start fishing it more. Will anyone give me some hints on some good catfishing spots. Thats why I am reluctant to go. On other area lakes I have fished my whole life I have spots I know I will catch fish. Just looking for some help. Is Skiatook a good cat lake?
  2. Tulcat

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    I have only been there once and did not have any luck, but one thing I will pass on is it is TOUGH to find shad in Skiatook. Most people I know from the Tulsa area stop at Spunky Creek (access to Vedigris navigation channel) off hwy 66 to catch their shad.

    You can normally catch all the shad you need there within 15 minutes.

  3. catfishcentral

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    I love Skiatook lake it's really a pretty lake but when I go there I haven't put forth much effort into catfishing there. I usually end up pulling the kids on the tube or trolling for sandies and hybrids. I prefer peace and quite while catfishing and you won't find that on main body of the lake. I plan on doing some catfishing on Skiatook this year and think I will focus on the north end of the lake (bull creek area) There is a boat ramp at the bull creek peninsula area along with camping sites. These camping sites only have outhouses and no water services, fairly primative. There's not too many people that use this area and I like what I see on the map. There's plenty of standing timber to the north, an island to the South and the peninsula at the boat ramp. Deeps creeks, shallow flats, standing timbers, islands and a lot less boat traffic. This is where I intend to do some catfishing this year.