Where to buy shad(frozen,dead,live,half eaten) doesnt matter?

Discussion in 'LOCAL KANSAS TALK' started by Rajun_Cajun, Mar 5, 2006.

  1. Rajun_Cajun

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    Olathe, Kansas
    well i watched an episode of gander mountain the other day and they were catching 20-30 pound channels off of golden eye(very close to chad) and they were cutting them into little steaks just chopping them up and they would put them on a hook and catch these monster cats. i live in olathe close to cedar creek lake and lake olathe and i was wondering if i could buy shad anywere. doesnt matter what condition there in whether there frozen or live. but i just need to find out were to buy them!!!
  2. center12

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    Buy a cast net, learn to use it and you'll not need to buy shad again!!

    You can sometimes get Goldeye on the MO and the Kaw but Milford is "King" in KS for Goldeye.............goldeneye is a duck!!

  3. spoonfish

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    Warsaw, Mo.
    Gotta agree, just get a cast net and learn to throw it (lots of good cast net info. on here) click on search and type in cast nets I'm sure youll get some good info. No need to pay for bait but if you really need some we can work out a deal I'm sure....:0a23:
  4. KC Jayhawk 78

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    You can buy frozen shad sides at Minnesota bait in KCK , or at Cabelas. Browns should be open by now, they might have them also. If not holler at me , Ill show you how to use a throw net. Ive been trying up at Olathe Lake in the creek area. There is only a few in the creek right now, but they will be coming up in there shortly. :)
  5. redneckdrum

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    Cathunter1978 is right,Minnesota Bait in KCK is the place to go for shad(gut's or side's) or anything else you want for catfishing.1124 Minnesota Ave. (913)371-0343
  6. GaryF

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    O.P., KS
    Another place you can get frozen shad from the Short Stop convenience store / bait shop at 83rd and Metcalf.. actually on 83rd, just East of Metcalf.

    The cast net advice is good, though. I tried and mostly failed to catch catfish on the jar shad from the baitshops for years. Once I started catching my own shad, I had a much higher success rate. Sometimes down around Truman Lake I've found frozen whole shad in the baitshops, and I've had pretty good luck with those, too. But I've never seen them anywhere around KC.

    I'm convinced that the jars of frozen shad have been preserved in some fashion, and often get thawed and refrozen several times on top of that.

    One thing I learned last year... If you throw away a jar of shad, wait until trash day to take them out. The jar and even several layers of trash bags are no barrier to the smell of rotten shad after a few days :0a5:
  7. kscatman

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    I strongly agree with everyone else about catching fresh shad with a throw net, I,ve never had any luck with frozen shad sides, I have caught fish on frozen shad guts but fresh works much better, besides who wants to pay $7.50 a small jar for frozen shad guts!:rolleyes: