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    im going to jordan soon and i was wondering if the boat ramps were still open due to the low waters and if any body knew where the big boys are and when and hopw to fish for them well if you have any info on either the ramps or the monsters please let me know thanks
    till next time good fishing:big_smile:
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    Mukwonago, Wisconsin
    i was up there last weekend and launced from ebenizer which was still open, looked like most the ramps were open around that area, they had a sign sayin that boating was dangerous cause of low water though. the lake is down some, but its not that bad, most people had a hard time pullin out, but thats cause they were tryin to pull out a big ski boat with a mini van or a small suv. u will be down in the sand when launching and recovering on the ramps at ebenizer.

    as far as the monsters, you will have to go elsewhere... lol... the biggest fish i've personally seen pulled out of jordan was a 10 pound channel... jordan is full of good eatin size cats. but there are the rumors, and now i've even seen pictures of people pullin big flatties out of there, and i have caught a couple of small flatties, only a pound and under, so who knows. if u go to the gas station at the corner of 64 and farrington rd. (the smaller gas station on the south side of 64) they have pics over the counter of fish caught from jordan and deer taken from around jordan. there are a couple of pics there showing guys holdin up some decent sized flatties that were supposedly caught from the lake.