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    I am thinking about putting the boat in the water Friday night and fishing all night long but I am just not sure where I should go. I don't have the interior lights in the boat yet and I would rather not have to deal with a lantern on the boat. I have a couple of small lights I could throw in the boat to help. Does anyone know where I might go that is reasonably well lit up and still might get some decent action on the rod? I am open to any kind of fish but of course catfish would make it that much better. Of course I am coming from Virginia Beach so I don't want to have to travel for much over and hour. Is the fishing at the Surry powerplant any good this time of year at night? I have got to do more fishing so I can find my own sweet spots!:lol:
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    You might want to get used to the darkness, otherwise the bugs will carry you off :crazy: I use a headlamp that I just turn on when I need it. In addition to Back bay, North Landing river is also good. Lot of channel cats to be had.