Where is the report from james rd?

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  1. Wvawitrado

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    California, Fresno
    I tried to make it out brothers my phone dies and about 8-10 from fresno my oil pump pressure gives out and of course I had to walk 4 miserable hours back HOW DID IT GO?
    P.S.- chicken was on ice I enjoyed it in the comfort of my home PISSED OFF!!!!!
  2. daystarchis

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    Clovis Cali
    Got out to the site around 11 am. Put in 2 poles and opened a beer. It was Stankbait, James (buddy), and myself. fished a couple hrs with only bites. We had a frizbee so we tossed it around and then had a few more beers. Had 3 ball gloves and a baseball so we played catch in between rebaititng and drinking beer:smile2:
    It sprinkled on us around 1-2 pm but sure was nice out there. We then shot a few targets and Sean and Rudy showed up so we moved camp to make room for fullmoon and his guest. We set up camp and around 5 and Fullmoon arrived. I talked briefly to Anthony but had to go to our camp to help Stankbait cook dinner. As we cooked steak, hotdogs. I cooked some red taters with onion, chili pepers and seasoning. Anthony picked up camp and moved to another spot. Beer ran out so we moved on to Jim beam and sour mix on the rocks:wink:Went on a few fire wood runs and had a nice fire built all night.
    Had tents up and BS through out the night. I finally caught my first and only cat Sun morning. Duck season opened and had the DFG come and hassle us a lil, but no tickets giving.

    All and all it was a fun outing.

  3. StankBait

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    Next time I hope its not as windy and I can throw some topwater. There sure were fish jumping!! I tried a 4'' pumpkin for bass until I got tire of casting in the wind. Nice to meat Sean and Rudy & kick a few drinks back.:cool2:

    Rob -you got mad frizbee skils bro!

    Yea DFG was cool , what a neat job!!! Just checked my GLOCK asked where my 12ga was and was on his way.Asked if they could check coolers,license,ect.

    Jordan- Bummer about your ride bro was looking forward to meeting you.

  4. janzaldo

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    South Gate, Cal
    Dang, missed another one. Man sounds like a killer trip! How big was your catfish Robb?
    Hi Joseph(Stankbait) bro we got to get together and drink a few beers bro. Hopefully you can make it out when I get up there. I plan on heading up 11/1. The only thing is I have been working overtime on Sundays. You know can't pass up time and a half and if I work on holidays, I get double. So I have to play it by ear.
    Jordan- that is f@@@ up bro sorry to hear about your car. Have ya had a chance to work on your tri Haul?

  5. StankBait

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    janzaldo-Im down if I have the time buddy!! I gotta put a new engine in my yota'. I may be able to sneak out saturday night till early sunday.
  6. CatMan(Cali)

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    Fresno Californ
    What's up everybody. Just chimin in on the trip. As far as the fish it sucked, but trip was cool. Got to meet Stankbait and his buddy. Cool cats right there. My buddy Rudy caught a couple small cats and Robb caught one as well. I didn't do too much fishin, not as much as I wanted anyway. I didn't care too much for the spot where we were fishing, but I had a helluva time. The bites were few and far between. Next time we're going to have to fish a different spot. We weren't able to hit any of the holes that I like. We kind of ended up at that one spot and got a little too tipsy to be drivin around from spot to spot so we just stayed posted. Food was good, but sayed up all night waiting for the marinated chicken. Fell asleep still waiting. Woke up in the morning looking for a piece of chicken and realized the chicken never made it, damn. J/K Jordan. Hope to see you out there next time though. November 1st will have to be a no go for me. My son has another wrestling tournament in Hanford that weekend as well as one this weekend in Selma. So I'm booked up the next few weekends. I'm looking forward to fishing the slough with Robb late December though. Anything else I'll have to play by ear with all of the stuff going on with my son. Gotta go. Good times fellas and tight lines.

  7. full moon

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    Hey Stankbait, Robb, et al.-

    We only got one small cat early Sunday morning. A lot of big gorillas were jumping early morning. Nice seeing you guys out there.

    Take care.

    Full moon.