Where is Lock C?

Discussion in 'TENNESSEE RIVERS TALK' started by TNBigCat, Jul 12, 2007.

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    I know I have seen many posts here with people asking where in the world is Lock C. I have an idea but I would like someone to confirm it for me. I believe that Lock C is just up river from Cumberland City. I saw some handheld pictures of it today of what I thought was Lock C. Basically it looks like a large concrete platform and a small gravel boat ramp. I used Google map and followed it off of Lylewood Road. Could someone help me out and give me some directions. Thanks to all!
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    Yep you get on Lylewood road and go about ten miles and You come to a three way stop , Turn left go about three miles and you'll see the river turn left on the gravel road and you'll be there, its a big old concrete wall....Hope this helps