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    There are times, in the course of human events that those events can have an impact on the Human Soul. The event I wish to communicate about today which I think we all have experienced was originally and continually Created by a power greater than human events and continues to have an impact on every element required to sustain life as well as on human life itself and on the Human Soul.

    Its late and I think to my self or say to a fishing partner ‘Its getting late and need to go Home soon’. Then a Coyote howl or an Owl calls out or a fish bites, a few hours pass and again I say ‘Its getting late and need to go Home soon’. Then another fish on the stringer and another few hours pass and again ‘Its getting late and need to go Home soon’. By now its early morning before the sun raises in the wilderness and there a chill in the air, might just as well stay till the sun comes up and leave when it warms the body and I feel good. Once again about 10 a.m., ‘Need to go Home soon’.

    Some would say that insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Still others would say that the greatest weapon evil has to use against us is the weapon of ‘Deception’. As I attempt to explain to myself my action and deal with a spouse that almost completely understands I take into consideration the two possibilities (insanity, evil) and grasp at the only straw I can think of which is to try to answer the question ‘Where is Home’?

    Many great people throughout history have gone into the wilderness and have spoke of finding renewed strength there. One found guidance and renewed strength in a burning bush. There are many Presidents who have spoke of being ‘at Home’ in the wilderness. I wonder how many have pondered the question ‘Where is Home’?

    The first Home of the Human Race was in the wilderness. The entire Human Race (men and women) did not take very good care of it. The weapon of Deception was used by evil and we blew it the first time. The name of the first Home was ‘Garden of Eden1’ and yes they had catfish.

    Some will pray and some will seek a formal education to find the answers to wildlife and wilderness preservation. Both are very commendable endeavors. It is my belief that the answers will come after many deep-seated passionate debates.

    Thanksgiving, a time of year when I give thanks for the freedom and opportunity to go Home, even if only for a few hours at a time.

    1 Eden: ay’-den; Hebrew (5731) word meaning ‘region of Adam’s home’.

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    Great post. Thanks!!

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    Ron thanks for sharing your deep thoughts. Enjoyed. Reps.
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    Ron, I think you hit the nail on the head. The great wilderness God created for us is a place of sanctity. I consider myself so lucky to have a Grandad and Dad who showed me the "wilderness" at a very young age. Both of these guys also shared with me how to conserve the wilderness and its offerings so you can keep coming back to it. Ironically enough, my Grandad said to me one early morning while we were spring turkey hunting, "Grandson, this is my home away from home." I will never forget this quote.
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    Great read Ron, kept the pic for my slideshow too, thanks.:wink:
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    Great post Ron. Can tell that you put a lot of deep thought into writing that. Thanks for sharing. I have always been "at home" in the wilderness and that's something I wouldn't change for anything. Great pic too.