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  1. natethe great

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    North carolina
    hey guys and gals im fishing tillary this sat or sun hopefully i was just wondering if any body else would be ou tther eand if they knew where anything was such as fish bait so what im saying is that if ur out there help me ill prob be on my dads bosses pontoon so if u see one shout at me names nate well till next time good fishing
  2. jerry9497

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    Tobaccoville NC
    Prob wont get much help this weekend, there will be a tournement there sat. Sat night you can check back here and see where howgs were caught. enter tournement for $20 a boat and join us if you like.

  3. catfishrus

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    north carolina
    nate usually the swift island cove has bait but it has been really spoty here lately. conditions havnt been right to make the bait hold in there. tomahawks post today is a good example of how hard bait can be at times with tillery. they seem to hide from time to time there...even from the best cast net throwers on the yadkin. usually you can catch plenty of white perch though which are a good bait. hope that helps some. there will plenty of cat boats on tillery this saturday with alot of these guys fishing that tourney. your welcome to fish/its open to anyone. its a 2 fish limit deal out of cooks marinia landing. blast at first light and weigh in 1.00 pm.