Where in alton.

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    Okay. I have Primarily been a bank fisherman around st. charles, winfield area. I was driving fri on 270north And crossed the miss. river heading into ill. On the right on ill side, It looked like there had to be 15-20 people fishing the bank. Is this the alton area that everyone talkes about. Ive never been fishing there, but seems like everyone does pretty good for big cats there. Any info would be greatly appriciated. I hate to drive that far and not know where to go.

    P. S Can anyone do anything about the weather. Heat, bugs, no bites makes for a bad night. Though still better than work
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    If my memory serves me correctly, you should be talking about the Chain of Rocks bridge, which is past where you get off to go to Alton. Take 270 to the 367 exit. After a few miles you will cross the Lewis and Clark bridge and you will be in Alton. You will see Melvin Price lock and dam just downriver of the bridge.:cool2:

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    You were looking at Chain of Rocks which is south of Alton by a good clip. That might be a good spot also, I don't know much about fishing from the bank there. A lot of folks fish at Maple Island fishing area (Not sure of exact name) directly below the dam. I see a lot of folks fishing the bank near the hot water discharge on the Illinois side (A power company maybe). I do know it is deep there.

    There are others on this board who can better help you with bank fishing advice.

    Alton is always worth taking a chance on. It's never a wasted trip when you have the potential to catch the class of monster Blues that can come out of there. Thats exciting enough just dreaming of the possibility.:smile2: