Where I find small bighead/silver carp for bait

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    I look for the lil buggers around creek mouths anywhere there is water flowen in. A fav place of mine is first creek on the gasconade river. Another good location I cant belive I am given up this secret lol- is the outflow pipes off the fields that drain out the areas behind the levees after high water. Most have plunge holes under the pipe, make a good cast net cast and walla bait. The same holds true for the other side, most have a good depression in front of the intake. The best ones are ones where the levee has given out. Another good spot is overflow spots in fields with no levee shure ya get a lil muddy but its worth getting the live bait. They are tougher than shad and live longer. Just be a good outdoorsman and kill em all after fishing and never use em for bait outside the river where you netted them. We dont want them spreading past the dams if we can help it. Another spot that sometimes pays off is behind trail dikes this is where I get em with shad. Another good spot is below lowhead dams like the one below marktwain dam on A hwy. Gear I use to get them, castnet 6 ft but you can do good with hoopnets and 20ft minnow nets behind the trail dikes on the mo river. Good luck hope the info helps you to get bait and help reduce the bighead carp numbers
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    Troy, you posted some fine locations to keep an eye out for. I'd just like to add that I hope everyone is killing them before they go on the hook as it is illegal to return them to the water alive in Missouri. They do keep a long time in the bait tank though and make a GREAT bait in the summertime.

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    can anyone tell me when is the first tourny for catfish or where i can look to get info?plz get back to me thanks i am in jefferson county can someone help me out?
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    The River bend tournaments are probably the closest, here is their shedule.
    April 18th (day)
    May 9th (day)
    June 20th (day)
    July 11th (night)
    Aug. 8th (night)
    Sept. 12 & 13th (day)(Classic)

    There is also a Cabelas tournament scheduled for August 29th in Crystal City and there are regular tournaments held one sunday of every month out of weldon springs. Go to Catfish tournament talk for more info about these. KC catfish is having one on March 8th down in warsaw Mo.