Where do you put you catch after it's in the Yak

Discussion in 'Kayaker and Canoe Fishing' started by ToonCat, Dec 17, 2009.

  1. ToonCat

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    Tega Cay SC
    I'm starting to do some catfishing out of my Heritage Redfish. Question is, if your planning on keeping a few eating size fish, where do put them once they're onboard? I always through them in a cooler with ice in my pontoon, but that won't work here. Any input would be appreciated. Does anyone make a cooler for yaks to put your catch in? Thanks
  2. rush_60

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    Troy, KS
    Usually I'll leave mine on a stringer until I'm ready to head for the take out and then I just throw it in the tank well behind me. I have tried to leave the stringer in the water while paddling but its like dragging a drift anchor. And if you have current it gets even tougher even if your going downstream.

  3. plainsman

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    Someone makes a cooler bag, you can order one, it should keep em cool all day. I don't know where to get em, but you can check around or someone will let ya know.
  4. jeremiad

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    I usually keep a cooler directly behind me, and then a five gallon bucket directly behind that. I fill the bucket with water and toss my catch in there.

    Obviously this works only for a short period of time. Since I mostly fish a fairly small lake (about 72 acres), it is no problem getting to shore to clean the fish, then transfer them to the cooler.

    This works as long as you are certain about the fishing regulations and are in compliance.

    Thanks for the input, Steve...fellow Redfish sailor! :cool2:
  5. goshawk

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    So I use the front seat to hold a small cooler. I tried a 5 gallon bucket but the cat's I catch are bit long for it and they fit better in this, plus with some ice and if you don't mind fishy beer, it can serve two purposes :smile-big: