Where do you put them?

Discussion in 'Flathead Catfish' started by jmanion8, Jul 5, 2009.

  1. jmanion8

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    Most guys on here do what's called CPR, "Catch, Photo, Release." I usually throw anything back over ten or fifteen pounds. Let them grow up to a new record!
  2. sjohn58

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    If your holding him for more pictures or to get pictures, go and get decoy bag, they are soft and will not hurt the fish. Just hang it over your boat in the water:wink: This works great

  3. indycatman

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    i do not use boat but hopeful that will change i would get a large landing net then weigh in the net then i would grip him with mouth gripers and take pics normal from the sides then the belly then if in teen i would relaese for a record one and for the future of are sport
  4. CatHunterSteve

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    Mark if you decide to not immediatly CPR your fish and put them on a stringer or bag over the side of the boat, don't for get to getthem out of the water if you start the boat motor and move from the location you are fishing, really easy to get the stringer, bag and fish caught up in the prop.
  5. lookin_4_moby

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    I'd have to agree with everyone on cpr ing the fish but I do keep flatties under 10 pounds so if that's the case just put em on a stringer jab it through the bottom lip and make sure you keep em on a short leash so he won't get tangled in your lines, anchor, or motor. that decoy bag sounds like a good idea too. I've never thought about that
  6. cat stalker

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    Another alternative to the decoy bag is to make a cage from a
    clothes hamper. Just use zip ties and put some of those pool
    noodles on one side so it floats. You can tie it to your boat, but dont
    forget to pull it in when you leave. The draw back is the space it takes
    up in the boat when not in use, or underway.
  7. hock_paul

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    This is a good tip! I always carry a mesh duck decoy bag in my boat. If your in slack water, you can hang him over the side, but if you're in faster water, hang it over the transom, close to the boat in the eddy formed behind it. It'll keep fish alive for a long time. It's your choice whether or not to keep the fish you catch, but just remember that flats over ten lbs. are at sexual maturity and would only do good for your body of water if they were released. GOOD LUCK!:wink:
  8. john catfish young

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    I dont keep any flatheads. I turn'em all back loose....after a weight,and photo. I sometimes keep smaller blues and channels around 5 lbs.:big_smile:
  9. jagdoctor1

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    I like to use some strap for a stringer. It slides through the gills easily without damaging and I don't have to put a hole in their lower jaw. That way if I change my mind later I can still release the fish. Rope is harder to pull through the gill than some thin strap.