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    i wonder where the 4 political runners stand on catfishing this matters to me and yall to i bet
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    I would have to say Palin and the First Dude are more up to speed on the fishing. He is a commercial fisherman i think.:big_smile:

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    I think that Palin being from Canada has done some fishing before. :confused2:
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    I feel that since Palin is from a big commercial fishing state she will be up on fishing and how it can and does effect the economy.

    The Americans spend billions of dollars are spent every year in the fishing industry not just thru licenses but thru merchandising ie, boats, motors, sonar equipement, rods and reels, baits and all accessories.

    Hunting and fishing merchandising are the two of the biggest markets in America that is just for enjoyment and favorite past times. I don't think the government will do much to harm that market much no matter who gets elected. The market is already in bad enough trouble as it is without hurting it further.
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    it does?

    man, I figure fishing is a way of getting away from all that nonsense. I have a real cynical view of washington DC. I figure most national politicians could care less about most people's lives. they aren't the average american, and have come to political prominence by serving special interest groups.

    catfishermen have, by definition few National goals, since most of it is regulated by the state. so a big national politician really has NO (catfishing) special interest to serve. moreover to judge by state-by-state regulation trophy catfishermen don't have alot of political power anyway.

    Politics is a game that rich people play and if perhaps some of the national candidates fish, its entirely irrelevant to catfishing (they make no decisions that wll directly affect us).

    work and politics, worth 15minutes chat at the river (assuming your doing the all nighter thing)- and then you move on

    being at the calm peaceful river; watching for wildlife, looking at the stars (there's nothing like seeing a bright blazing falling star), enjoying a favorite cola, eating lots of sugar (there's nothing like a sugar high at 2am), musing about important stuff (like where the catfish hang out), telling tall half true stories to your fishing buddy, fighting massive fish (hopefully) and just plain relaxing!

    Even on this board there is too much politics IMHO. it divides us over silly stuff. Catfishing itself is decisive enough. And ON the board, people come here for advice and the socialness of being catfishermen. if you guys were all on a joint fishing trip/get together- would yall be arguing about politics!? well maybe some of you, but alot would be telling fish stories, relating the fun and odd things that happen on the river. thats much more enjoyable stuff to read and write.

    much more profitable for the newcomers to our sport as well.
  6. J-Train

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    South Carolina
    I saw an interview with John McCain in one of the magazines that he does fish, mainly for catfish, in the pond on his property.
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    How can anyone be against catfishing!
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    I saw a joke...it was one of those things you get in your e-mail...where the Presidential race was being decided by who came away with the most fish while ice fishing. McCain kept coming away with more fish while Obama caught none. So Obama has his people spy on McCain to find out why he's catching so many fish. His people report back to him and say, "Sir, you won't believe what he's doing! This is such a disgusting scandal!"

    "What is he doing?"

    "He's cutting holes in the ice and using a pole and some line to drop bait in the hole, and the fish bite it!!!"

    I'm sure that there is another version of this somewhere...just this is the one I've seen.
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    SE Texas
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    North Dakota
    Throw all 4 of em back in and lets catch a keeper!

    I'm not liking any of them much.

    JERMSQUIRM New Member

    to be honest. i think everyone of them would drop a bomb in a lake if it would get your vote or make them rich. thats all its about anymore. just look what has happened over the past few years.
    the countrys going broke except the real rich folks and crooks. there ok. its us workers that are broke. and the banks and our retiremant funds. guess mc cain and palin will get my vote. but i dont see it getting better soon. were in deep. but gas is going down. thanks to the rest of us being broke.

    as far as fishing goes. they dont care. our sniviling crook govener puts on his phoney smile every year in the fishing guide about how important the fishery is to him and illinois. and now as of the first. we had over 12 state parks close. its all lies to fill there pockets and drain yours. my real vote. time to re take america. the two parties are off track and not doing whats best for us. but for buisness and money.

    ok ill get off my box. but thats what i see in the white house.