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Where do the shad go?

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All summer long, my buddy and I have netted shad near some water outlets from a local plant. A month or so ago, the baby shad appeared, which now number in the millions, literally, making the water black with them.

However, we can't find any more big shad. We netted for hours today and not one.

Any of you guys know what's up?


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I'm not 100% sure on this one but I think the Shad go deep?! In early to late spring here in Kentucky we had one hell of a time finding bait. We would throw the net for an hour or two sometimes and get only a handful of decent bait. And the ones we were catching, were on the bottom!!!! I just invested in a vaccuum packer and when I have decent bait leftover after a day out I'm taking it home with me and sealing it up and freezing it, that way I'll have bait all year round. Last night alone a filled six bags up with 3-4" shad and today I'm going below Markland Dam just to fish for bait. River Herring that is, can't beat em'!!!!
Around here, the predators seem to like the baby shad over the big ones now. If I had that many baby shad availible, I would fish with them.
Fish with the babies, the big ones go deeper as the topwater cools. I love a good Catfight.
I caught this fish in my avatar with the baby shad , put three at a time on a hook worked for me , and yes the shad are in the deep water right now , I do best catching the larger ones right at sunset.
here on the Red River they are deep right now. Have been having to let the net sink to the bottom to find any good ones. I do agree about the baby shad right now. easy pickens for the flatties so I would use them.
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