Where can you access some good bank fishing on the James?

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    Myself and a bud of mine want to take a trip out to the James for these blues we keep hearing about. We dont have a boat so we will be doing bank fishing. Any good areas to target to have a good time. Not really to worried about landing a giant. Just want to make the trip worth it. We are in danville and have been catching some nice Flatheads during the spring/summer months. I am pretty new to the VA (2nd year). Born and raised in Phx, AZ, so I am not to familiar with the area yet. Any tips would be great!!.

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    hey Jacob. Depending on how far you're willing to travel, there are hundreds of excellent spots. Ancharows Landing is where I95 crosses the James in the downtown area. take Maury St exit & hang a right(you'll see the park signs. (make sure you lock your vehicle) Straight across the river(on the north side of it) You got Rockett's landing.Where the old Annabelle Lee use to sit. Go down Dock street about a mile 1/2, turn right onto main st. & it's on your right. You'll probably see people fishing here & there as you get close. And then ya got Dutch Gap (my main area) *15 mls. South*You can go to the boat landing & hit the trail, (over a mile long with plenty of spots) or go to Henricus Park where they have a nice floating pier, and some trails. The Park entrance is before the boat landing on the right, but ya gotta leave by or before dark. (then go to the boat landing which is open 24-7,but again-lock your vehicle) City Point in Hopewell, also a great area, but alot of snags near the Warf, so i'd fish on the beach. All of these parks & landings are free, & you can Mapquest them or easily find directions & info on the net & local baitshops near each area. Good luck & let us know where you go & how you do!:big_smile: -Randy