Where can i buy shiners

Discussion in 'LOCAL SOUTH CAROLINA TALK' started by daredevle, Sep 9, 2007.

  1. daredevle

    daredevle New Member

    south carolina
    does any body know where i can buy shiners live in the areas near rock hill or allison creek or ebenezer park or any where close thanks alot good fishing and godbless:wink:
  2. martygreen

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    Rock Hill,S.C.
    Nichols Store in Rock Hill has the bass minnows,it is on 901,they get about 5.89 a dozen i think,its been a couple months since i got any,he usually has them year round,dont know of anyone else in rock hill,i think a store in clover area sells em but i dont know the name,hope this helps:wink: