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Where best to catch a 15 pounder?

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I have been fishing for catfish all my life but I don't live in a great catfish state. Washington state is not really well known as a catfish state.

I have always wanted to have a mounted Channel cat( reproduction) but said I would not mount one unless I caught one over 15 pounds. Where in the USA would be the best season, and location to have the best chance of doing this? Even if you guys know a guide that does trophy catfish trips let me know. In my line of work I travel throughout the western USA including Oklahoma and Texas. I really want to catch a 15 plus pound catfish any species but Channel would be my preference.

Thanks in advance for the help and suggestions.
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Take a look at this article on ESPN Outdoors and most likely every channel you catch will be over 15 lbs. Click here to see the catfish vacation of my dreams. Abu
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