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Where best to catch a 15 pounder?

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I have been fishing for catfish all my life but I don't live in a great catfish state. Washington state is not really well known as a catfish state.

I have always wanted to have a mounted Channel cat( reproduction) but said I would not mount one unless I caught one over 15 pounds. Where in the USA would be the best season, and location to have the best chance of doing this? Even if you guys know a guide that does trophy catfish trips let me know. In my line of work I travel throughout the western USA including Oklahoma and Texas. I really want to catch a 15 plus pound catfish any species but Channel would be my preference.

Thanks in advance for the help and suggestions.
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JJHACK I know you said you were wanting to know where to go in the states but if you ever get the chance to come up to Manitoba the Red and Assiniboine rivers are a sure bet for multiple channels from 15-30+lbs.
JJ I find he best action to start in june once it starts to warm up up here and it stays hot all summer.Things are starting to slow a bit as it has started to cool off quite a bit but bigguns are still being caught and they go on a crazy feeding binge soon to bulk up for the long cold winter.Get in touch with me before you plan to come up and i can give you all the info you need like what there hitting on and where to find em and gear to bring. Also if I'm not working could possibly meet up and show you in person! You will have to make sure to take lost of pics and measurements on any biggun you would want a replica of as there is a 24" max size limit for keeping up here but that= lots of sumo cats to catch :D
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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