Where are they biting?

Discussion in 'LOCAL LOUISIANA TALK' started by Louisiana Redneck, Jul 26, 2007.

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    Good morning, all

    Its been awfully hot lately.. I usally fish daytime. Is there any activity in the Baton Rouge area. Either is the Mississippi or in any of its many lakes and rivers? If so, would you get specific as to location. I have been all over and nothing seems to be biting. I know nite time is the best but you do what you can.
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    Baton Rouge , L
    My understanding is that fishing has really slowed down after a wonderful spring on the Mississippi. We usually post on the Rivers Threads. I was planning to go tomorrow, but I am pretty under the weather today and decided to call it off.:roll_eyes: EdS has fished more than the rest of us lately and has not caught very many. There is a lot more water than in typical years for this time, but it slows down during the summer. We tore em up earlier in the year, but since the first of June it's like the switch was turned off. Hopefully they'll pick up soon.