Where are the shad?

Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by Cattoo, Aug 13, 2006.

  1. Cattoo

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    we fished the ohio below cannelton yesterday and actually did pretty good. but the day started out very slow. all we had for bait was frozen skips. caught one good blue right of the bat and didnt catch another one for several hours later. we talked to a couple tournament guys who were catching a few on fresh shad. i asked them where they got the shad and they said they caught them down river at the warm water discharge. now, we do get bait there in winter because the water is warm. i did not know they would be there in the summer with the surface temp at around 82 degrees already but i did not question this and we went down river to find some shad. needless to say we did not get any. now i do not know if these guys were just feeding us a line of crap or what. we didnt even graph any schools anywhere in the river. now i got to thinking maybe they caught them there at night when the surface temp had cooled down a bit. does anybody know anything about this. i do know the shad were pretty abundant in the creeks but we were not anywhere near a creek. are the shad right on bottom in the river? we managed to catch 16 blues and everyone was right on bottom.
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    Try to find current breaks thats where I catch all my shad at. The best place I have found so far is barges that are being stored. Right now with all the little fish swimming around I have caught tons of them.

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    i agree try where the current breaks and shallows near sand bars... good luck
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    We fished yesterday, and it was the second time since I moved here that we could not find shad, we did manage to get about 8 shad about three inches long. But that was it, and that was after Stoney and Rodpod threw the cast net 1000 times each we spent close to five hours looking for bait.

    Plus the little bit of a cold front that moved in here yesterday could of dropped the shad down deep in the river, we tried creeks, sewage outlets and anywhere else we have got shad before.
  5. KYfarmer

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    I went out the other night and couldn't find any shad either I threw till my are was sore and got one large shad. I did catch some stripes and a small mouth. I was tempted to use them as bait but that would be Illeagal! I did have a couple of good take downs on that one shad, but no commitments.
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    The shad population on the Illinois side here on the Mississippi River are low as well. We had just enough to fish, but were catching only 1-2 shad about every 5-6 tosses out. So I dont know where they went...........