Where are the Shad, and other questions...

Discussion in 'Shad Talk' started by Clovis, Sep 27, 2006.

  1. Clovis

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    Paris Tennessee
    Where would you start looking for shad this time of year, in the absense of any dams or power plants?

    Would they still be just under the surface?

    Anyone areound Kentucky Lake wanna show me where to catch them and how?

  2. Mr.T

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    Shad will always be where their food supply is. Since shad are filter feeders who consume planton and other microscopic organisms, you have to figure out where those little things are going to be if you want to find the shad that are eating them.

    In a lake, the plankton are usually near the surface and generally get blown around with the wind, so you tend to find them (and the shad following them) on windward banks, deep in wind blown coves, etc. They'll also be found where fresh water runs into the lake, especially if that water is rich in agricultural by-products like fertilizer.

    Until the water cools off significantly, I'd keep looking for them in the same places you've found them all summer so far - such as shallow water at the back of coves, shallow mid-lake humps, etc. -- they will still be found flipping on the surface at or near sunset and as the fall continues, you'll find the white bass and stripers busting them more frequently at the surface in the evening.