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Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by katcatchingfool, Apr 22, 2007.

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    i was woundering if anyone could help me out.I am having problems locating catfish. I fish mainly the mississippi river below the alton damn in Illinois. The water level is verry high about 10 foot over all of the dikes the current is running so strong im having trouble keeping 20 ounces of lead on the bottom.And the water temp is 48 degrees i have tried fishing shallow and deep ive tried fishing infront of the dykes behind the dikes in the rip rap just outside of the rip rap, in the current breaks and in the current,in the drop offs and infront of the drop offs with shad and skipjack,gold eye,and white perch.What are the big blues doing?Or for that matter what are the little channels doing?What kind of structure should i target and what kind of bait should i be using this time of year.Any info would be great!!!I hope to hear back from you guys and gals.Thanks
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    Jason i'm not even trying to fish the mississippi - too high. I fished a small river that feeds the mississippi called the big muddy at murphysboro,IL. Friday I caught a 4lb flathead, then a 30 lb blue, both caught on live shad. The blue came off an outside bend against some flooded bushes. Saturday my wife and I went she caught an 8lb blue in about the same place as the bigger blue. I ended up catching another flathead about 5lbs. Not real great but beats going fishless. Good luck!