Where are the Blues!

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    A couple of questions.....I fish Falls lake regularly and have alot of luck there with channel cats in the 5-15 lb range, however im looking to catch some bigger fish.....I don't believe I have ever caught a blue cat at Falls, but I have heard that they are there.....where should I start my search? I usually fish flats in the upper end of the lake that are close to the channel, but all i catch are channel cats.....should i be fishing closer to the dam where the water is deeper? Do the blues relate more to schools of shad, because I notice that there is more of an abundance of shad towards the dam. It seems that the upper end of the lake is LOADED primarily with white bass....you can literally catch one every cast, or you can catch them by the dozens with a cast net....I dont usually use them for bait b/c they dont stay alive as long as bream and I know for a fact that bream work so i stick to what i know works....however Im thinking that with the abundance of white bass there, the catfish must be eating some of them....ill probably try it next time i go out, but i was wondering if anyone had had any luck using them for bait. Thanks everyone!