Where And When To Catch Flatheads ??

Discussion in 'Flathead Catfish' started by pete n cat, May 18, 2006.

  1. pete n cat

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    WHERE in a river is the best place's to get the fish .
    WHEN. is the best time to get the fish.
    and what kind of bait's should i use.??
    thanks pete:embarassed: :embarassed:
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    Where, I dont river fish so my response is just fomr what ive heard/picked up. You want to find structure that creates a break from the current. Catfish in a river like to sit and let the bait come down river to them. But they dont want to spend energy doing it, so they find a place where they dont feel the current as much. Someone else might be able to give ya some better, or more detailed tips.

    When, if you mean time of the year, spring through fall are best. Winter time flatheads slow down.

    When if you mean time of the day, flathead are most productive at night, Some people say right around dusk and dawn are best, others say deep into the night.

    Bait, by far the best producing bait is live bait. Live perch, carp,eels,crawfish etc. Next is line is cutbait of any of the above. If your targeting flatheads dont try and use things like hotdogs, liver, doughbaits as these are more suited for channels and blues and from my personal experiences rarley ever produce flatheads.

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    I have been running lines for about 2 weeks now and until today, I've only caught 3 flatheads. My river went from 15 on the gauge to 28 and I caught several good blues while the water was up. It has fallen back to 16 now and I reset some throwlines behind big log jams that were completely submerged with the high water. I caught 7 flatheads today behind these jams using live green sunfish (everybody here calls them pond perch). That's all I use is live green sunfish on my lines.

    I think the flatheads here are feeding up before the spawn which will peak in a few weeks. While the water was high, I was catching the blues (no pun intended), but now that it's dropped, the flatheads seem to be working my hooks better.

    So, from what I've gathered here and from what I've read in magazines, you will want to seek out woody structure (blown down trees and log jams) for your primary flathead habitat. I am setting my lines just a few yards downstream of these jams and either tying off to a shoreline tree or to a limb from the logjam. When those flats come out of the logjam, I want my bait to be very close and easy for the taking.

    However, I am a catfish novice so my advice is not the best in the world.
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    Welcome to the BOC. Jared said it best:

    WHERE: Broken current; i.e. log jams, riprap from rock, etc.

    WHEN: Preferably at night; Flatheads are a nocturnal species.

    WHAT: Live bait, be it shad, skipjack, creek chub, or goldfish.

    WHY: My own addition.....Flatheads are predators, moreso than their
    counterparts, the channel and blue.

    For me, flatheads are elusive. I always feel I have the right presentation, coupled with the right bait (so I think!?!?!?), BUT THE WORST LUCK.

    Bear in mind, it may take time to land flatheads. I alone can justify that. What is 100% proof positive is that all that post theories and past or present experiences on this forum is the best BLUEPRINT FOR FUTURE SUCCESS, BAR NONE. Good luck, and I hope I could help.
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    south east ohio
    Just like stated above. Fish wood even a single log if you think its large enough for a flatty to hide under. Also this time of year stay close to the bank, no more than 10 feet off. The flats are scouring the banks looking for spawning spots such as logs, or under cuts in the bank, or the bases of submerged trees up in the roots. Find an area with lots of wood laying scattered along the bank or a big log jam and you'll find flats. Fish live bait. And get out your heaviest line and gear.This is the best time of year for big flats to be caught. If you don't have wood cover then you have to fish areas with large rocks and boulders in the water. Also fish under any lowhead dams, they concentrate baitfish. And all flats love baitfish LOL.