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Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by billNpam, Nov 3, 2008.

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    You scouted all summer. You know every tree, you picked your spot to hang your stand you cleaned out shooting lanes two months before season as not to scare the deer. Finally open day comes and your all excited and then it happens. NOTHING you hear shots in the distance. so you wait. Still NOTHING. You go back the next day and the same thing NOTHING all day long. So you go back a third day and it is worse then the first two not even a squirell. So the question is when to YOU pull your stand and go to another spot.
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    That's why I use a climber most of the time. I got tired of either seeing nothing, or constantly moving stands around. Deer change patterns several times a year. you need to be able to move with them. for instance I found a spot yesterday that would have been a great spot till they took out the corn. It's a tree row in between 2 fields (the same tree row I wrote about in the coyote thread) This year I found several spots in a really small area that a buck has called his home for some time now. It has dozens of torn up trees, and several scrapes. The whole area has matted down grass from him bedding down. I even picked out a perfect tree that would be downwind with our predominant west winds. But. i dont think I'll hang a stand there because with the corn out I think it'll be one of those stands that I'll be staring at only deer sign all day instead of deer. Try to remember where deer move from time to time in the past years. try to set up where the deer will be. Not where they are now. By the time you set up and your ready. The deers patters will change leaving you with nothing but a comfortable place to sit and enjoy the outdoors.

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    You sound like a guy I've hunted with off and on the last couple years. He clears lanes, knocks down dead trees, cuts vines all around his stand.....then waits and waits and waits. I had another partner for years. he was the same way. He would sit in the same stand for weeks, sometimes the whole season, without getting a shot. It took him 20 years to get his first deer with a bow! I don't hunt like that. Deer change patterns too much. Three day old sign is too old. If I sit in a tree for two evenings or mornings with no deer around, it's time to go back to scouting and find out where they are. I hunt bedding areas mostly, so getting in and out undetected is the key. I don't cut anything I don't need to and don't touch anything I don't need to. If I'm not seeing deer, I get down while they are bedding and walk around making plenty of noise, so I don't appear to be a threat, until I jump deer. I've found that unless something changes in their habitat, they will return to the same bedding area day after day. Once I jump them, I go the opposite direction they go, and try to find a new place to set up on them the next day. I usually don't stay in the same place for more than 2-3 days. If they aren't coming through by then, I'm in the wrong place.
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    Wanna shoot more deer and better deer? NEVER STOP SCOUTING!!! The deer won't follow the same patterns for more than a week at a time usually. Food sources change, pressure changes, weather changes, the WOODS change for crying out loud. You should be able to change as well.
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    I've been in a rut for 3 seasons now. Not only have I not shot a deer, I hav'nt even had the opportunity to shoot one. In fact I've only seen one deer in 9 hunts. I don't smoke, I take every step to knock down my smell. I plan and prepare, and still nothing. I know im in the right area as I have helped dragg out, trial, track and skin many a friends deer. In fact I don't believe I have ever been on a hunt where one of my friend didd'nt connect. Unless your in the woods every day pattering them, the average guy like me is at a disadvantage. It becomes more of being in the right spot at the right time. I know at some point I will be in that right spot. Just got to keep plugging away and put my time in. I do agree if after a few days of no action it might be wise to try another spot.
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    I rely on gut feeling more than anything. I'm always looking for new sign and won't hunt old stuff unless it's still being used. When i find a white oak thats droppin acorns, but the only thing on the ground is caps and droppings, thats a good sign. I don't get too fired up over a rub line or even a scrape line, lots are used after dark. Like Billie said find the bedding areas and you'll find the buck. He ain't gonna let his doe's get to far out of sight this time of year. If i hunt a place today and see nothing, i'll likely hunt elsewhere tomorrow unless i KNOW a good one is using it.Good luck and never quit looking.
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    guys not trying to start a controversy here but ive found that the come er deer products do work.i put out some of the mineral powder bout june and then some of their 3 day harvest bout 3 to 4 days before the season starts and it holds the does in the area and where the does are bucks wont be far behind.
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    just start your truck put the lights on brite get on the horn and drive down the road at 60 you will get all the deer you want:smile2: