When having fuel problems.

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    I had been having trouble with my 2000 Johnson 25hp outboard. When you idle for a short time it would cough and die, when it would die it would puff out a bunch of blue smoke. I tried C-foam first it did seem to help somewhat but didn't cure the problem. Then I rebuilt the carb. that didn't seem to help either.The other day I was pre fishing for a tournament on the Mississippi river when the motor quit. I figured out that if I would pump the bulb on the gas line the motor would run for a short time. When I had ran the three miles back to the ramp I figured that the bulb had went bad and went and got a new one. that didn't fix the problem either. So I borrowed another tank from a friend and the motor ran fine. When I got home I pulled the gas tank hose out of the tank and it had cracked right where it went on the hose bib in the tank. All that work for a little piece of plastic tubbing and about 10 mins to fix it. I guess the moral of this story is to start checking at the bottom and work your way up when your having fuel problems. Hope this helps someone in the future....