When fishing under bridges..

Discussion in 'Crappie Fishing' started by TX Fisherman, Aug 6, 2007.

  1. TX Fisherman

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    when fishing under bridges for crappie what structure or what do yall look for, and what time of the year is best to fish for crappie
  2. Scott Daw

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    Allentown, Pennsylvania
    bridges are often their own structure. as an example, the bridge over one of my watering holes cuts the lake in half. its great for crappie for most of the year. they may switch pilons depending on water depth/time of year. find the current and start at that side of the bridge working your way back. active fish tend to be upstream or on the side with inactive fish behind unless you have a very strong current.

  3. Bigun

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    Burnet, TX
    You have to check things out in each instance. One bridge that I fish most of the time there is very little current but two other factors are important. The third set of legs from one bank has a deeper hole washed out around it and a lot of trash/trees hung there from when it floods. Everthing hangs out there Bass, Crappie, Gills and Catfish. The other factor is the sun shinning under the bridge. In different water clarity situations they may hang on the shady side or close to the shadow line. One can catch some fish around other sets of legs but that one is best.
  4. jedt

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    A crappie guide I know looks for crossmembers under the water between those pilings. Crappie tend to locate better to horizontal structure than vertical.
  5. zappaf19

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    I fish bridges and amusement park rides (from a boat). I seem to find that the crappies hang on the north pillars day or night. The current seems to be the same on either pillars. What I have found is that the crappie are right up next to the pillars and I mean right next to them. I use a red and white tube on a 1/32 jig. I let it fall to the bottom and lift the jig 6" off the bottom then slowly move the jig left or right. No hits I take up another 6" of line and repeat. I can usally get a few.
  6. Cornmeal and Catfish

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    Covington, Louisiana
    I recently moved and have lost the access to all of my great crappie spots. My favorite was an old railroad bridge. The bridge was built right where this small river turned. It was a great spot beacuse there was always current. If the current was moving fast it would create slack water on the left of the bridge where the crappie would gather. I loved to throw into the fast current and allow the jig to drift into the slack. I would get most of my strikes as soon as the jig moved into the slack water. I could go on and on about fishing this bridge because I fished it over many years. I would say that the bridge taught me the most about crappie fishing beacuse I hardly ever ran across the same conditions.
    Before I moved I took a close friend to the spot and showed him how to fish it, he also bought my boat. About a week ago told me he caught some big slabs there. I'm waiting on my new boat so I can find some good spots at my new location.