when do you report a fishing trip

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by jolie, Aug 26, 2008.

when do you post a fishing trip

  1. I am more interested in tips and hints and rarely if ever post a fishing trip

  2. I post when I have a good story or an impressive picture

  3. I post when I am successful and like to share the excitement with my friends

  4. the fishing trips not done until I post a report. I post almost every trip.

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  1. jolie

    jolie New Member

    I'm wondering how often you guys report a fishing trip. as for me, these days I hardly feel like I'd fished until I've made a dutiful entry in my states forum. Yep, I admit almost every time I get skunked...

    but I don't really see all that many of those kinds of post, and wonder only report good fishing trips, or perhaps only the really good anglers post each fishing trips; you know the ones that bring home almost a monster every time they come out.

    I was asked during one of my last postings by my wife, why I bother... she asks = do you really think anyone cares that this is the fourth skunked fishing trip? interesting question.
    Personally, I care about those that I have got to know and look forward to encouraging them and giving them what tips I can, even if they do skunk.

    But I don't know.

    Do you view the fishing reports as a way to keep in touch with BOC friends or more as being awed by the monstrous catfish? or are you more interested in gaining tips and hints from anglers clearly better than yourself?

    Do you find yourself addicted to the forum to welcome the chance to post and talk to your boc friends (even if it is to report a post) OR is it just too much time commitment and TOO embarassing that you spent ANOTHER 8 hours without a fish?
  2. john catfish young

    john catfish young New Member

    I usually report every fishing trip that we make. We fish every tuesday night of the year and I report every wednesday morning. Many, many , many times we get skunked, but we are fishing for monster flatheads and as you may well know, its not everyday that you catch these fish. We have a great time every time we go out and many people ask about our trips if we forget to post about it. I also like to keep up with the other members reports too, so I can see what is going on in the other regions. Our reports can be found in the Kentucky lakes and reservoirs section , under (TNR) . Thanks:big_smile:

  3. jolie

    jolie New Member

    you can usually find me in the alleghany river thread of PA rivers, for that matter. I appreciate that idea that its not just me, that is willing to report being skunked:smile2:
  4. stumpjumper

    stumpjumper New Member

    Dallas, GA
    Jason, one of my favorite things to do on the BOC is read fishing reports, good or bad. I actually post the majority of my reports in the "members fishing report" section. I read all reports posted in this section. I never have time to check each state for reports so I am sure I miss some great stuff. I have no problem reporting a skunk. I believe that everyone can learn from a report either way. Thanks for the poll!
  5. bumper

    bumper New Member

    I love the member fishing reports section, it's one of my favorites also. I just don't have time to go state to state and check for reports. I usually only post my successful trips, and we all get skunked sometimes. I actually went out on my home river, the little Oostanaula, for a several hours last weekend and got skunked. What I consider a successful trip varies widely depending on where I fish. On the Oostanaula a 20 lb. fish would be a giant, but on the TN that would be fairly common. I would love to see more reports in the member fishing reports section and I might even post a report next time I get skunked (hopefully not soon :smile2:).
    Nobody catches a monster every time out, and for every good trip I've posted there was probably a not so good one that I didn't post. Good luck fishin'.
  6. BIG_D

    BIG_D New Member

    Batchtown IL.
    im not embarast at all bye being skunkd it happens to every one and i do post moste fishing trips good or bad and yes i do spend a lot of time hear reading and shooting the bull i realy engoy the comaratery between my brothers and sissters hear this has ben good for me after moving from NC. TO IL. iv not made any friends in IL. and theas brothers and sissters fill a big void in my life i dont know what id do with out theam i aprishate each and every one of my brothers and sissters hear at catfish1 :big_smile::wink::cool2:

    BIG GEORGE New Member

    I post em all just about. The good,bad and ugly. Course any with my pic are ugly. LOL! I'll share the whens and the hows on what we got. I do enjoy the comments.:wink:
  8. chambers bd

    chambers bd New Member

    Yeap Ill tell you all I can so it can help, never want to hurt!:big_smile:
  9. smitty1963

    smitty1963 New Member

    I do my best to post a report every trip.
  10. ryang

    ryang Well-Known Member

    Blacklick, Ohio
    Ill post most if not all of the trips I make. Its been awhile tho, either been too hot or familiy issues. I get skunked more times than not.
  11. 223reload

    223reload New Member

    I hardly post mine except in the ramblins thread ,I have been on a fishless journey here at my local lake so long for cats ,I'm just gonna quit trying for them here. I can get any other species most every time I try for em.
  12. poisonpits

    poisonpits Well-Known Member Supporting Member

    i post all of mine good or bad .i hardly ever get skunked on my home waters but i go to a lot of places to fish and i post where and what incase some of my friends are planing on going to the same places that way they have an idea of what to exspect.
  13. Pennsylvaniacatchaser

    Pennsylvaniacatchaser Well-Known Member

    Sarver, Pa
    I post just about all my trips throughout the year! I usually post in the Pennsylvania section just cause the guys from there can relate to where I'm fishing although I'm thinking maybe I should post more often in the Members Reports Area! No matter what the results there is always something to be learned. In fact after posting several reports of poor results I saw most of the other reports from our state where similar so I felt better knowing I wasn't the only one having a tough time recently! :big_smile:
  14. Ghosth

    Ghosth New Member

    North Dakota
    I post the good trips, or if something different happened, or if I had success on a new bait, etc.

    Skunked, well not much to report there.

    Cats have been real quiet up here the last 3 weeks.
    So I've been focusing more on carp, and don't post as much about them.
  15. zeboman

    zeboman New Member

    I post a report every time whether it`s a good or bad night , everybody gets the skunk now and then :wink:
  16. JimmyJonny

    JimmyJonny Well-Known Member

    I post every single trip I go on. I don't get skunked much but if I do I will still post up a pic of the sunset, birds...whatever else nature throws at me. There is always something to talk about...the snake ya saw, the gar were everywhere, the turtles kept stealing my liver...anything really.

    I would rather hear about someone's trip even if they did get skunked. We here support each other but if we don't know...we cant help ; )

    I too am in the Rambling gang so them folks hear everything . I don't post much in my State area for personal reasons.

    Good question on your thread ....I say post it all if ya want, I like reading about trips fish or not.

  17. catfish kenny

    catfish kenny New Member

    I tell you I rant and rave bout em all somewhere ....mostly ramblin or my home state & skunked or not ...big or small I am a fishing WWOOOOOOO !LOVE the river always have and I will be giong back everychance I get ......sometimes ya cant sweat the small stuff ..post away ......its a good thing!:roll_eyes:ITS ALL GOOD!