When do you change out old line

Discussion in 'Fishing Line Review' started by godsglad8tor, Jul 19, 2007.

  1. godsglad8tor

    godsglad8tor New Member

    Riverside, CA
    just figured id ask for the heck of it, my line is fairly new, 1 month, when is it time to change it?
  2. Bacardipr05

    Bacardipr05 New Member

    Well this is just me but I change mine once a year. I buy quality line Trilene, Suffix and the such. I did have one that I changed after about a month and a half. I was fishing in the rain and the line just got real dirty and I changed it out.

  3. neocats

    neocats New Member

    Check your line for damage and change it as often as needed. Depending on where you fish, the line can get damaged every trip. I usually start by trimming off the bad line until the reel starts to run low, then I replace it. For me, thats every 3-4 weeks with mono line and about every 2-3 months with a good braided line.
  4. duxsrus

    duxsrus New Member

    SW Ohio
    That sounds about like me, minus the braided stuff. Won't find any of that in my box.
  5. outoftheboat

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    South Carolina
    3 - 4 weeks due to bad line. I use 30 lb. cheap line for backing and splice my good line on. That way you can spool two reels for the price of one. It forces you to change line more often but helps to know it is not old.
  6. DemolitionMan

    DemolitionMan New Member

    Tupelo, Mississippi
    There's a lot of veribles on whether you should change you're line or not...Whether you're fishin in heavy cover/rocks and such as that....I think most people, including myself, just change lines when they feel like it...I've heard of tournament fishermen in saltwater that changed their line after landing every fish.....I'll just say, it pays to have good line on when it's needed...Everything else is "your" decision....Dwight
  7. Mickey

    Mickey New Member Supporting Member

    Use good quality line. Check it for nicks often. Cut off any blemished or nick areas. When the line is low in the spool either add line or replace the spool of line. It is as simple as running the line through your fingers. Often!!!!!:smile2:
  8. flathunter

    flathunter New Member

    I change my line every 3 trips.
  9. bootshowl

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    Indiana, J
    I've got to where I carry an extra spooled reel in the truck, and extra line in the tackle box. It seems it hits when ya least expect it, an like everything else, opinions vary. I think a lot has to do with the type water, the amount an size of the fish, and also how well you handle your outfit. I went thru a couple spools learning baitcasters. My humble pence. I use mono.
  10. teaysvalleyguy

    teaysvalleyguy New Member

    GC, OHIO
    Depends on where I fish.

    If I fish alot of rocky areas I will change it every 3-4 trips. If I am just fishing my local lake or river then once a year.

    All depends on what is around.
  11. jtrew

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    Little Rock, AR
    I think everyone knows to cut off a foot or two of line when it gets frayed, but all the line you cast out gets a little bit of wear, too. When this has just about gotten to the point where you begin to think about changing line, simply reverse your line on the reel. After all, you probably haven't used the bottom part at all. Easiest way? Get two 12" pieces of broomstick or dowel and four nails. Drill a hole in each end of the pieces of broomstick just a little bit smaller than the diameter of the nails. Cut the heads off the nails and tap them into the holes. Use a drill to wind the line from your reel to a broomstick; then use the drill to transfer the line to the other broomstick. Finally, wind the line back on the reel. It will be reversed. Why have a nail in both ends? Makes it easier to hold the broomstick when the line is coming off of it.
  12. Zombie76

    Zombie76 New Member

    Personally I use a good braid, so I only change line once a year or so. If it does get damaged (which is rather infrequently) I trim a little off. I stopped using mono a few years back, except for leaders, do to the damage it often takes in areas that I fish.
  13. BKS72

    BKS72 New Member

    East of KC
    Yeah, I run braid and I cut about the last 3 or 4 feet off before each trip and tie on a new leader. When one gets low, I do like JTrew suggests and strip the reel thats the lowest on line or has the oldest line on it, hook the line from another on it, and reel the line from the full reel to the empty reel, reversing the line. Nothing makes me madder than to lose a fish because of something stupid. Bad part of it is, you'll get away with nicked or sun damaged line till you get the fish you REALLy want on it and he starts working it or takes that last big flop right before you get the net under him..:eek:oooh: I'm sure you know this, but leaving mono in the sun is about the worst thing you can do for it. Good Luck!