When do the Flats stop biting?

Discussion in 'LOCAL ARIZONA TALK' started by DoubleJ007, Nov 19, 2007.

  1. DoubleJ007

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    Hey all!

    Just a couple of quick questions. I am new to AZ fishing, alot different from Ohio. Where are the good lakes and rivers to fish? No Luck at Canyon, almost made me quit. Second, How late does the Flats bite here in Sunny AZ?

    Good luck to those fishing this Thanksgiving Weekend!
  2. loanwizard

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    Not a clue. What is the temp down there this time of year? I just want to dream a little.....

    My guess is that your water never gets below 50, so if no one answers, perhaps a better question might be, when do they spawn down there in the desert?

  3. Little Luey

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    Welcome to Az and to the forum!

    I have to say, for me when one type of fish stops biting I just go after another one. I have not been able to catch any catfish in a couple of months, I tried last about 3 weeks a go and they were not cooperating, but the panfish wanted to play and I had been catching bass before that also, so for now I am concentrating in panfish and this weekend I will go after bass. I think there is always some fish biting, just go after those.
    What part of Az do you live in now? this may help everyone else to give you ideas.
  4. SilencedMajority

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    White Mtns, AZ
    Hey and welcome!

    If you are targeting flatheads, you cannot do any better than Roosevelt lake or Bartlett lake for them. If you are in western AZ, I would recommend the Colorado river near Yuma or Blythe as well. The last four weeks, for me, has been completely skunked out for flathead catfish on the upper salt river just above Roosevelt. No action, not even a run on a live sunfish. I think that has more to do with very little water flow in the winter than a temperature shut down. I think this because last year, in much colder weather (a little below freezing over night low), I would catch three very nice flatheads in one night, but the river had a bit more water. Keep asking on here and you will get answers, I'm sure.
  5. AZflats

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    Peoria, Arizona
    The bite stops when you stop... Keep fishing man..:wink: I have caught flats on christmans eve..

  6. topjimmy

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    Besides Trout, I have never caught a single fish in a desert lake in December, January, or February. And March is always EXTREMELY thin. It's not for lack of trying either, we fish all the time in the winter.

    Are we doing something wrong by fishing the same way we fish in the summer? Is it because you can't catch fish from the shore in the winter?

    This year I will not have that problem though, I can fish wherever I want. :big_smile_2:
  7. AZflats

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    Peoria, Arizona
    Fire up the Tootsie toasters, bring along the little lady as well to keep you warm. Or if you are like me and end up the source of some pretty horrible stenches by about mid trip, the little lady will want to keep her distance.. Bring along your dog to snuggle up to.. They usually don't mind.

    * Even though the last few winter trips I have gone on I have come up short, I have caught flats in the winter.. The best thing is to fish much deeper that what you are used to, think 40-50 + feet.. Your live bait will survive just fine when the temps are low... The other thing I think is important is to keep moving. I don't think the flats are actively foraging for food so you need to keep moving till you find them.

    Also, if the flats don't find your bait.. Raw shrimp and cut gills works great for some channel cat action... I have hooked into some big cats that I never boated at Roosie near Windy hill in the middle of winter...

    * I think the crappie bite is good in the winter as well..

    ~ I hope some of my babbling has helped you...
  8. DoubleJ007

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    I live about an 45 minutes to 1 1/2 hours from Bartlett and Roosevelt Lake. I keep hearing that I need to fish 100 - 200 yards down from the spillways near some rocks.

    Is there any truth in this?

    Thanks for the help :big_smile:
  9. DoubleJ007

    DoubleJ007 New Member

    I am going to go out to Roosevelt on the first and try to catch my first flat in AZ. Whats the best bait to use here in the desert; Alive, Dead, Two days old in the sun?

    I am so tired of slaying the channels in these urban ponds, it's now time for the good juice. :smile2:

    Always appreciate the help!