When do the channel catfish spawn at Hillsdale Lake?

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  1. Frank Perez

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    When is the best time to catch a mess load of Channel cats at Hillsdale Lake? I'm new to the area, we moved here last June, and my wife had my baby boy a couple of weeks after we moved here, so, with the new baby and new job, I was only able to go out to Hillsdale, and get my boat wet, maybe four times.. So I don't know much about Hillsdale, and I don't have alot of fishing experience (translation: I don't catch alot) And, I don't want to miss out on "the best time to go" Also, does anyone have any drawings of common catfish rigs? Where do ya put the sinker / hook / swivel / 3-way Etc. Thanks in advance for the info. Frank
  2. jbarnes17

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    Commerce, Oklahoma
    Catfish generally spawn during the months of May and June when the water temps are little warmer. The rods I use are older heavy duty fiberglass rods with bait caster reals. I generally use 30 lb test line and the rig I use is I thread my weight on first and I tie a large swivel at the end. On the other end of the swivel I tie about a 1 ft. liter of line and then the hook on the other end of the liter. There are lots of ways to rig your rods. this site is full of info on how to do it. Another good place is the library that is on your options at the top to the page.

  3. Baitkiller

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    Akron, Ohio
    @ a 75 degree water temp they should start. I like the spillways @ pre-spawn when they feed big time!!

  4. Rajun_Cajun

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    i have seen the channels at hillsdale spawn about the same time that bass have maybe just a bit after that when the water gets alittle warmer. haha i wish it would come sooner.
  5. 1mickymoo

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    Edgerton, Kansas
    Hiya , I live 10 min from hillsdale and I have the best luck (when spawning) directly south of the antioch ramp in the shallow flat with small shad. you're welcom to email me and maybe we can go and i'll show you some spots and rigs. don't worry about missing the best time, they're usually pretty hungry all through the summer.