When do I start?

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    North Carolina
    I know a lot you ya'll fish year round, but I haven't even prepped my father's boat for this year. Can someone offer advice on when should I start heading to the lake/river for the good bite. I live and fish in central N.C. I am concentrating on Jordan lake and the Cape Fear river, near hwy 42, this year. I may also be trying the Haw river below Jordan lake. Thanks.
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    you can fish all year long, finding the cats on the other hand my be the issue, if you don't know the area your fishing in a little scoutting my be needed, in the winter the cats are deep and on warm day they may venture into the shallows to get warm. Bait is always hard to get in the winter but with a little effort on your part you can get enough bait for the day, I drift fish all year long and only found that the bite is a little slower and my drift needs to be slowed down a bit more, I have freinds that will anchor down and fish a area with good luck but they know that the cats are going to be there, I would invest in a good quality depth finder this is in my book the key on locating and tracking fish and bait. get to know the lake you want to fish, fish it offten make mental notes on where the cats are being caught and weather conditions, wind direction and time of day. this will help you find a pattern for that lake or steram. In winter always play it safe, keep you pfd on and don't do stupid things that you may be able to get away with in the summer months, if you have doubt bail out. There no reason to put yourself and family at risk just for catching a fish.


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    I'd be fishing right now on the river. Those big blues are biting, just gotta find them. Winter/spring is the best time to get a big blue. 2 of my buddys and I all caught out biggest blues ever in one weekend. All 3 fish were over 40lbs. My friend Britton caught one that was well over 60, probably over 70 last year on April Fools Day. It's time to go get 'em. Also, it won't be too much longer before the flatheads start biting again.
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    These guys took the words right outta my mouth. Good Luck out there.......last April was my BEST MONTH.
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    I have said it before and it might be old news to many here BUTTTTTT,

    If you go in the "lake" behind Buckhorn Dam and go up the river when you turn right into the Haw river you can go all the way to the dam at Jordon lake. However when you come to the first highway bridge on the Haw which is the old Hwy 1 bridge there will be two pilings which makes three ways to go under the bridge. Go to the Left!! If you go up the middle you may lose your prop, lower end or worse if the water is low. The first time I navigated that stretch of water the danger marker was washed out and I hit a huge chunk of concrete with my brand new Honda outboard. It screwed up my prop, scored up my skeg and ruined my day. Luckly I was going slow and also lucky it did not take out my lower unit or my output shaft but I have heard of folks almost losing boats under that bridge.

    Enjoy the fishing, it can be quite good. If you are going to be out after dark take bug spray nets or both. During the summer they will eat you alive.