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Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by Mid-MO fisherman, Apr 20, 2006.

  1. Mid-MO fisherman

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    Jefferson City, Mo
    I am curently trying to sell a used vehicle and have had several calls about it. Seems like even though i have my price on it and its not outragious, first question is "whats your bottom dollar?" Just curious if any of you have something you like to say to come back to that. I always price with a little room to move but generaly at what its worth. I price it at what i would like to have. Dont know why you would automatically drop to your bottom dollar?
  2. Ol Man

    Ol Man New Member

    I'd tell 'em "My bottom dollar is $XXXXX, but I'd take more"...

    The word 'listen' contains the same letters as the word 'silent'.

  3. RiverKing

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    Yellow Spr
    ask them what there bottom dollar is...that way you can put it back on them...make them give you an offer..LOL
  4. beeheck

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    Iowa / Missouri
    I guess I'm one of those people who after looking at a vehicle or whatever it is will ask, "what's your bottom dollar"? Now I'll explain, at least for me, why I do that. I have looked at your item for sale and have formulated a what it's worth to me price. I hate bickering over the price of stuff but I want it at a price that is good for me. Remember, at this point I don't care about you or your asking price unless it is real low and then I will just buy it. My dealings are most always done with very little talking and I only ask for the bottom dollar price if I'm ready to buy. My dealings go like this....
    Me - Your asking $5,000.00?
    You - Yep
    Me - What's your bottom dollar?
    Now here it can go one or two ways in my dealings....
    You - $5,000.00
    Me - Walk away or buy it, I'm done. I've had people holler at me as I'm walking away, "I'll come down" or "Hey, come back, let's talk". Nope, we are done, in my world you told me what your bottom dollar was and I either was willing or not willing to pay it and there is no room for negotiations at this time. I've lived for 50+ years without what your selling, I can most likely go another 50 years without it. So, when I'm selling an item and someone asks me my bottom dollar I feel like I have a real serious buyer and I need to use discretion in my answer. I bite my tongue at a smart answer because I know if I asked for someone's bottom dollar and they come back with a smart butt answer, I'm walking and good luck in selling their item because I'm not buying at this point. I would rather stay civil, bite my tongue and make a sale then take my wife out to dinner, my treat, with my new found fortune.
  5. Fatkat

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    Blanchester, Ohio
    When selling a used vehicle people always price it a little higher than what they will sale at, like you said "little room to move" or "what I would like to have", that tells me you will take less. After looking at a used vehicle if I'm interested I will always ask what's your bottom dollar or someting of that effect, its the American way, we like to save money. If I do ask and they come back with a smart @ss answer I walk away wondering why they have it for sale because apparently they really don't want to sale. JMHO

    By the way, what is your bottom dollar? :big_smile_2: :big_smile:
  6. Mid-MO fisherman

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    Jefferson City, Mo
    all very good replies. I usually ask the person what they think its worth or make an offer and ill consider. I just feel that if i were gonna go to bottom dollar right away that i should just price it at that. I know everyone is looking for a good deal. just like me. The other day i bought a used truck and offered to a dealer 3k less than his price. thats quite a bit in the 5k-10k range. He didnt have much to say after that and the conversation was pretty much over. I did end up with the truck after a week or two of him setting on it knowing that he had a buyer if he wanted one. I guess most people are finding out if there is a deal to be had or not and make their decision on that.
  7. Coloman

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    Soddy Daisy, Tn
    I used to sell cars, the haggling over price comes from the old days of horse trading. The buyer and seller would haggle until they agreed on a price.

    I guess we never out grew the habit!
  8. copycat

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    New Jersey
    Always price it a little higher so a buyer can negotiate the price, people who buy like to feel as though they are getting a good deal on the price.
  9. jlingle

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    Altus, Okl
    If they're asking bottom dollar over the phone, I'd tell them to come look at the vehicle before they whittle you on price. If they haven't seen it, then they have no way to assess the value.

    Otherwise, I'd agree with the other guys. For me to buy something, I'm gonna buy it for what I think it's worth. If I can't do that, then I don't buy. also, you'd be surprised what folks will drop to on price, if you just ask. It's a fair question, give them a fair answer, but I wouldn't do it over the phone. Make them come look before you let them knock the asking price on your vehicle.

  10. Mutt

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    If I am selling the price I set is what I want. I do not go down in price period. Only time I will is if it is to a friend then and only then do I go down. When I am buying something If I want the Item and feel it is a good price I buy it period. If I feel its to high I keep looking I do not try and get people to sell at a lower price just the way I am.
  11. Crispy Critter

    Crispy Critter New Member

    I'm like Bill on this.When I ask for your bottom dollar I am ready to buy if it sounds reasonable.I will not stick around and haggle over price.If the original price was reasonable I might just buy it at that or if I have my top dollar in my head I will ask your bottom dollar.I'll either give it or I won't,no haggling.
  12. squirtspop

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    Glencoe, Arkansas
    When I was selling my 82 BassTracker II, I raised the price to 1700 but was willing to sell it for 1200. First guy that came up said I'll give you 15 and he pulled it off.
  13. Kentucky Boy

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    I agree with the other fellas. I normally set my price on cars a few hundred up from the least amout I will take. I know that price, and will not negotiate unless the person is standing in front of me, and has shown real interest, and is not wasting my time. I've had alot of people call and ask if I would take less, and I tell them that if they come look we'll talk, and thats all I give them. Keeps away the people who really arent looking to buy.
  14. SeedTick

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    Conway Arkansas
    We spent most of the previous 2 years selling our 80 acre farm and I was sick of it. The realtor put up signs but everyone wanted to talk to me. I didn't mind talking to folks who were looking to buy something but why does a person who does not have or never will have the desire to buy something want to find out what is the least you will take. I had way over a hundred people bother me and I think they were just being nosey. Then there were others who also weren't looking to buy tell me that we were way over priced because so-in-so over in Rusterpoot sold his farm and he only got xxx for his. I was just about ready to give it away before we finally sold it. The last few months I finally learned my lesson and directed all inquiries to the realtor and then she would send prospective buyers to me. I should have done that from the beginning. Whewww I've got to calm back down.........:mad:

  15. Bigmagic

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    Edwards Missouri
    If I feel it is overpriced I haggle if not I just fork out the cash. Recently I bought a used pickup to haul my boat. I looked at it, drove it and forked out the cash he was asking because the truck was worth it. If I would have thought he was over pricing it by 500.00 I would have tried to get him into the ballpark that I evaluated the truck at. One mans trash is another mans gold so never be offended by someone trying to haggle. You don't have to go along but it never hurts to price in some haggle room.