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Since moving to Huntsville last February, I haven't had much of a chance to go fishing but did today. The water is still a little warm but was nice. I launched at the Whitesburg marina off Hobbs Ilsand Road. As I began idling toward the outlet to the river, I saw a flip on the surface - quickly grabbed my throw net and got one good throw that got me about 5 dozen 2-3" yellowtails. Great I thought, those would go good with the bluegill I planned on catching for bait. Glad I caught the shad. On Pickwick near Florence I could get 20-30 bream in a half hour for bait. After that long this morning I had one.

Anyway, I fished the bluff adjacent to Hobbs Island. I drifted bouncing bottom and also had a rod out with the bream under a float. Water was about 35' with lots of boulders, car sized, and with the strong current made for a lead-losing day. Had two bites on the shad, one I landed that went 11lbs (a blue). Pic below on my tailgate before cleaning.

I tried another location that appears to be a dredge spoil area with very up-and-down bottom from 20 to 40' deep. Had my float rig out and looked over to see it and the rod hold about to go, forgot to leave it on freespool with the clicker engaged. The fish hooked itself long enough to get near the boat but it pulled free just before I could see it. I had slime on the line so I know it was a cat. I never got a chance to set the hook on it like I'd like.

Anyway that's my report for the day. Anyone alse fish from Whitesburg Bridge to Guntersville Dam? Care to share a spot or two with a newcommer?



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