Wheel Gun or Semi Auto

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  1. Duane

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    Okat guys what you firearm of choice good oldfashion wheel gun are semiauto .Mine is a single action ruger blackhawk in .357 mans cliber of choice this boy is a workhorse you can load her up or down not to fast on the line but built to last and beautiful to boot plus I dont leave any shell casing laying around for people to find .Slow you say ,yes but deadly in the right hands .Plus I dont like the idea of a round sitting in the chamber with just a saftey on .Let here you opinions guys and gals whats your poison wheel are semi .
  2. brinley45cal

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    It really depends on what your using it for.for home defense you cant beat a .357 as far as pistols go,even carrying it in the woods with you.There are guys that can shoot a wheel gun and reload it faster then most of us could a semi auto.For a ccw gun i like the semi autos in .40 and .45

  3. catwacker

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    i have several choices to choose from, but if i had to pick 1 for general survival purposes it would be the smith & wesson model 66 in 357 mag.

    dependable, accurate, hard hitting. and semi-concealable

  4. Mountain Cur

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    Missouri, Warsaw
    Really, Really depends on why you are going to carry either of them. Best option, carry the one you are comfortable with and you can hit what you are shooting at. ""Ya cain't hurt'em if'n ya can't hit'em."" Me! I still carry a M-15 S/W accurized, loaded with 158 gr. JHP. Auto's have the fire power, but in a pinch they are NOT my choice. If fire power is a necessity you probably won't be carrying a hand gun anyway.
  5. tncatfishing

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    clk. tn
    Well anything from a 22 up will kill someone, of course when talking fire power the 357 and 44 magnum comes to mind.I like semi autos over revolvers cause of the extra capacity. If I am remembering correctly their is a desert eagle semi auto chambered in 44 magnum. Saw a 460 revolver today, to big of a gun. The perfect one would either be a 9mm or 40 s and w in high capacity magazine.
  6. triggerhappy

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    For fun, or a dedicated self-defense..a semi-auto (in .40 or .45, NOT a fan of 9mm) Of course its back to the old .22 for fun.

    Hunting, give me a revolver. A double action with a nice trigger job can be fired nearly as fast as semi. They weigh more...good for the heavier catridges, and they're simply a stronger design.

    I don't ever intend to buy a gun for solely self-defense. Besides, I'd pick up my 12gauge 870 with #4 buck if I ever thought my life was on the line. But I must confess of drooling over a pretty 1911 more than once. (DANG those things are expensive :sad:)
  7. captain5214

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    i got to agree with the wolfman on "each has its own niche" as for self defence, i choose a double action revolver( i do favor the 357) over a semi auto due to its simplcity, ... pull the trigger and BAM.....no fumbling around for the safty, no magazine woes, no jams. charlie r
  8. olefin

    olefin New Member

    My always favorite for shooting.... double action .357 Colt Python.

    For carry..... Glock 26 9mm.
    With laser sight that I installed.
  9. Nobody Special

    Nobody Special New Member

    I had a S&W 38 special with a 2" barrel that was so loud, my ears would ring for an hour after shooting it. I bought a auto and cured the problem.
  10. topjimmy

    topjimmy New Member

    In bear country, revolver. In the urban jungle, the venerable 1911.
  11. river scum

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    hooterville indiana
    i carry a sw 586 loaded with pmc hollow pionts. i wish i had the money for a smaller lighter gun,but it has to do for now. for deer hunting i use a super blackhawk 44. when im not useing the old 870.
  12. greg

    greg USCA - STAFF Staff Member Supporting Member

    GA/ Ia
    I got one of the first Glock mod 23 40 cal when they came off the line as a gift from my C.O when I was in the army. Still have it and will always keep it.
  13. BlueZeus

    BlueZeus New Member

    Many of the replies are correct. Being a Police Officer for 12 years now I can tell you that whichever firearm you choose practice and then more practice is the best choice. I personally like a Sig P220 in .45 cal. This particular round has been around since 1911. Many manufactors have attempted to make these "Magic" rounds but the track record of a .45 speaks for itself. There are many .45's on the market that can be easily concealed if that is what your in th emarket for. However when the tempature and the humidity are racing to see which one can reach 100 then carrying a concealed handgun can become a chore. Some individuals like the revolver .357 or the big .44 magnum but no matter what you choose practice and more practice with your weapon of choice. A firearm is not confusing or "More difficult" than others to use effectively or safely once you have mastered it's operation with practice. Remember a .22 to the chest is more deadly than a .357 miss! Good luck in your choice.:)
  14. Duane

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    Believe it or not my personal protection caliber of choice is the .22 magnum hollow point just enough entry power and light enough to pack all day
  15. Coloman

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    Soddy Daisy, Tn

    Not to mention that if you miss the bad guy, you'll be less likly to poke holes in your neighbors house!
  16. catfish joe

    catfish joe New Member

    louisville kentucky
    dessert eagel .45 cal nikel plated
  17. okiecop

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    Grove, OK
    I have got to agree with BlueZeus. I have been in law enforcment for the 6 yrs. myself. Whatever you are wanting make sure you are comfortable with it. And always keep practicing. The more you practice the better you shoot. At work I have too carry a Glock 19. I just think a 9mm is a bit light. Plus i don't really like the way a glock feels in my hands. For off-duty I carry a S&W sigma in .40cal. Now this maybe a comprimise here but the 357sig round is supposed to be good from what i hear. Wheel guns do have a place also. Alot of people i know wouldn't carry anything but. No worry about mis-feeds or any of the other things that can go wrong with an auto. Beside it is a proven fact that in a gun fight a perfect shooter will only hit 70% of the time. So no matter what you decide practice.
  18. MilwaukeeCatHunter

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    I'm a little late with my reply, but I had to chime in on this one. For hunting, it has to be a wheel gun with a minimum 6 inch barrel. More accurate and longer sighting picture. There are quite a few choices on the market for a hunting revolver....not a lot of choices for a hunting semi-auto. My personal preference is a Ruger. They will last forever.

    For self defense, a Glock .40. They are just as easy to operate as a revolver, and just as reliable. Never had a problem with mine...I keep it clean and the ammo used is high quality. The .40 is a good compromise between the 9mm and the .45. If you are recoil sensitive, downgrade to the 9mm. I you want proven stopping power and you are not recoil sensitive, go with the .45. I really don't see a lot of people using the .357 Sig in my neck of the woods.

    The "mini Glock" subcompacts make fine CCW pistols and they have magazine capacities around 10. Best of all, they are light weight for CCW and easy to conceal. You can't beat them for concealed carry.

    Like everyone else said....practice, practice, practice. Your reactions under stress will depend on how well you are trained.

    Oh...I almost forgot. If all else fails, a pump shotgun for home defense is good as gold, as long as you don't accidentally penetrate walls and hit bystanders. Sometimes, racking the shotgun is enough to de-escalate a situation.

    Be safe. Una Stamus.
  19. iowain 45-70

    iowain 45-70 New Member

    i'm new hear.I like a 12ga with 00 buck in it for home defence.when i going some place i like my ruger 45 lc with 250 gr. slug runing 1150 fps or my hi point 45 acp.
  20. Cyclops01

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    Eden, NC.
    I only own two handguns, a Glock 21 and a Colt 1991 A-1. The Glock was my department issue and I was able to buy it way under cost as part of my retirement. Both of these weapons are intended to serve (my) one primary purpose so they were chosen for that alone.

    I guess if I ever decide to try big or small game hunting with a handgun, I'll go out looking for one that is designed to do just that.