WHEEEEeeers the bait ?

Discussion in 'MISSOURI RIVERS TALK' started by Manny, Sep 27, 2008.

  1. Manny

    Manny New Member

    Arnold, Mo
    Went out this morning out of flam city and caught the last three shad in the Meramec:confused2:

    I guess ill have to rely on Live blue gill and Sonnys. Or i might really get lucky and an Asain carp might jump in the boat.

    Where have you guys been gettin bait ??
  2. Mo.Hick

    Mo.Hick Active Member

    Madison Mo.
    Boy I agree Manny. I have been have a hard time getting shad this year also. The asian carp is easy to get. Get all these I want. Been doing alright on them. Getting ready to head for the river. Maybe I can find some fresh shad today. Who knows. It will only take a couple of minutes to get a carp to commet suicide and jump in the boat though.


  3. Dave53

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    Lonedell M
    Guys it is not much better on the Missouri river either..for the past several years we fish the area around Boef Creek between Washington and New Haven..seemed to always find shad in Boef Creek and normally this time of the year they are thick in the creek. Not so this year. Got a bucket of 3 to 4 inch big head carp and maybe 15 or 20 4 inch shad. I just keep an empty bucket that we drop the fat heads in and use them dead or cut up. I personally think they are eating the shad out of the creek!
  4. westman407

    westman407 New Member

    I found the shad.... On the Mississippi river Around Winfield. In one night I think I caught enough to shad to get me through the winter. Cast after cast was shad about 10-24 at a time with a few bass in the mix. They were slowing me down.