Whats your worse hook/accident in the finger? head? eye?

Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by LadyValea1, Sep 28, 2006.

  1. LadyValea1

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    Fort Worth, Tex
    Just wanted to know what the worse fish hook accident you've had? For me...it was my son. he hooked the back of his head with a size4 j hook. He was screaming and crying. My hubby was able to take it out! "Me" it would have been a trip to the ER..
  2. beeheck

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    Iowa / Missouri
    There have been so many I can't remember most. I carry pliers with wire cutters in my left back pocket any time I'm fishing I hook myself that often. My worst.... probably when I was a young pup we found a river in New Mexico, I believe the Black River and we were going for bass when we hooked into a large fish. Now my bother and I had walked down the river quite a bit to keep our "spot" secret and I felt I needed a different lure. I took off running back to the car to get one and settled on a rather large lure called a "Lucky 13". I took off running back to our spot, when I stumbled and fell embedding 6 of the 9 hook points into my hand with a couple coming out the other side of my hand. I didn't tell my dad right away because I knew we would have to leave and darn it the fish were bitting. But I couldn't get them out myself so I went over and told him and he freaked out. Then my mother freaked out. Up to this point I hadn't really felt any pain but when they both went wacko I guess I realized this must not be real good and I started to cry. Did I mention this was just last summer? No, I'm joking, I think I was 8 or 9 years old and I ended up in the emergency room of a local hospital after about an hour drive. What I really remember was the DR was PO'd that he had to come in on fathers day. Oh, well 20 minutes and several stitches later I was ready to go fishing again. Not my parents we went home. True story.

  3. gadzooks

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    Kingwood, Tx (Houston)
    Mine had to do with a trot line hook. My rod line got caught up in a deep set trotline...didn't know it was there. When I reeled in, the hook was caught up on trotline. In trying to get it undone, one of the trotline hooks stuck in my finger. The weight on the trotline starting pulling on it...hurt something awful. Got it loose, and the hook had not gone past the barb, but the hook was pretty nasty, like maybe the trotline hadn't been tended in a while. Took over a week for the wound to heel.
  4. Stumpknocker2

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    NW FL
    I once thru a mepp in a tree and in the process of snatching it loose the treble hook embedded in my chest, my pa snatch it out with a pair of pliers. man did it hurt.
  5. Angelkitty

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    Sheridan, Ar
    I was young around 6 or so. I went fishing with my mom, dad and my sister. My first time. I don't rmember what kind of hook it was. But I swung back the fishing pole and as I was going to throw it ahead of me it caught me under the shoulder blade. And ripped up to my shoulder. I remember it feeled like a sting and a scratch. My mom looked at me when I screamed out. And almost fainted. She saw the blood on my shoulder and rushed me to the hosiptal. My dad and sister stayed to get things gathered up. Needless to say it wasn't that bad one stitch and a big bandage. Well, When we got back home my sister wich is only 2 yrs older than me found my pole and caught a pretty good size bass. She said," Daddy had to help me pull it in," Of course it upseted me. But we are still a little close to this day.:smile2:
  6. HRCats

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    Can't really say which time was the worse. I've had them embedded in my hands, fingers, bicep and head. After a few times of doing this its no big deal, seems to be a part of going fishing. :lol:
  7. just cats

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    Leslie Missouri
    I've managed to stick myself a couple times but the only one that bothered me was when my son was just a toddler and he stepped on a big treble hook, the snagging rig size. Buried one tine all the way past the barb. He was a yelling and crying and squirmin around like a wild child and I figured he'd end up with the other two points in him before we ever got him to the doctor so I did what I had to do and gave one quick ferocious yank and it came right out and he quit crying as soon as he saw it was out and that was that. Got him a shot and all turned out fine.
  8. upncomincatfishking

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    Cheviot Ohio
    i really dont like to remember this one but i was about 8 or 9 years old and was on an all night trip wit my dad and a few of his buddies.it was late we had been there for 6 or 7 hours. and i was tired so i went to get in and sleep in the backseat of the van.didn't look before i sat down and my dad had one of his bass poles back there with a crawdad lure on it,one wit treble hooks.and it snagged me.(that's right you guessed it) In the worst place possible.although it barely got me it still hurt like hell.thats my worst one lets see someone beat that.IF U CAN I FEEL BAD FOR U!!!!!!!!!!
  9. skunkedagain

    skunkedagain New Member

    When fishing with a top water bait for bass.I set the hook and missed the fish.Then the bait came hurling through the air stuck to my chest through my shirt.It probably was not the worst ,but it was a funny one that anybody who fishes for bass with top water know that story all to well.lol
  10. bluesbrother

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    ii was victom to a rattle track in the back bye my ex i say ex brother inlaw..lol:big_smile:
  11. bluehunter

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    Los Angele
    A treble hook from a crank bait. One of the hook went into my thumb. We were catching so much fish though I told me buddy to just get the pliers and pull it out. Semed liek he was having a harder time than I. LOL.
  12. AZflats

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    Peoria, Arizona
    I was landing a bass, trying to lip him. Then the back side of the rapala hooked between my thum and pointer finger. Never got a grip on the bass and it thrashed around in the water pulling the hooks into my hand. Two hooks went past the barb.

    ^ Ouch

    There was a post about a month ago showing some guy with a hook through the eye ball...

    ^ Double ouch!