What's Your Personal Best deer?

Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by flathead willie, Jun 26, 2006.

  1. flathead willie

    flathead willie Well-Known Member

    A few years ago I shot a deer that after hanging in a cooler for 5 days drying out still weighed 209 pounds, which is huge for this area. (His picture is in thread, Virginia Deer Hunter.) He isn't the best scoring deer I've gotten because his main beams almost touch in front. However, the tips of his antlers are 24 inches above the top of his head. He was shot from 20 feet while still hunting in a pouring rain.
    Whats your personal best or favorite deer taken?
  2. catfishrus

    catfishrus New Member

    north carolina
    my personel best is still walking i hope but heres one of them. he has a main frame eight point with a little drop tine about 1" and he has a split brow on the left that was broken when i shot him. i got this deer in canada a few years ago. he was estimated to weight 300lbs on the hoof. his neck measures 28" at throat patch. he gross scored 151 with only a 15" spread. his bases measure 6 1/4" half way between the burr and the first point. his longest tine are 11 1/2". the amazing thing about this deer is i went back and hunted the next year and saw a buck that looked just like him but maybe a year younger, so he spread some genes before i found him.

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  3. catsrking

    catsrking New Member

    My first & personal best so far is a 9 point buck. Took him here in S. Iowa a few years ago during the 2nd season shotgun (December).
  4. katcatchingfool

    katcatchingfool New Member

    my best so far was killed this last year a 13 point buck probably scoring 130 ish
  5. TA2D

    TA2D New Member

    My only deer so far is a 8 point with a 22 1/4 inch inside spread, he didn't have tall tines but he was a bruiser weighed in at just over 325 lbs, gonna have to scan some pics and take on of the rack.


  6. copycat

    copycat New Member

    New Jersey
    I hunt mostly public land here in New Jersey. We don't have the bruisers like you guys are getting, last year i took a buck at 20 yards, he weighed about 150. not bad for Jersey. Real big deer here only get to around 210 or so.
  7. Arkansascatman777

    Arkansascatman777 New Member

    My biggest to date point wise is a nine point I killed on a permit hunt on Fort Chaffee in Arkansa. It had an arrow stuck in it that it looked as if it had carried for awhile. I had the deer mounted and put the arrow on the horns. Id bet that bow hunter was sick he had made a pretty good shot but did not hit any vitals. My biggest is a 4x4 mule deer I killed in Colarado. Love to hunt!!
  8. smith06

    smith06 New Member

    My best is a 220 pound doe which I shot with a Mossberg 500 from 97 yards away. Wasn't a buck, but antlers taste like sh@t anyway
  9. wylie catter

    wylie catter New Member

    South Carolina
    My personal best was also my first deer. It was a 223lb nine point. I shot it on some private land that I had never even scouted. I picked a tree in the dark, climbed it, and just after daylight there he came. I used up all my begginers luck on that one. I've killed a lot of deer since then, but nothing close to his size.
  10. suddawg

    suddawg New Member

    Hey TA2D wasn't that the first time you even decided to get a hunting liscense? That deer was huge bro! Got to love the corn fed whitetails roaming the midwest. The ones I saw in Alabama were about the size of large dogs. :roll_eyes:

  11. Wil

    Wil New Member

    Minden Nebraska
    my best deer is the one in my avatar, he is a 5x4 cuz he has a kicker, u cant see it too well cuz the pic was bad and its hidden, he weighed 250 pounds and i think we got like 120 pounds of meat off him.
  12. samh

    samh New Member

    My best is one killed 2 years ago with a muzzleloeder, 10 pt. 17 inch inside spread, not real long tines but real even matched, scored 125, son on the other hand has killed probably 10 deer better than my best, got a great 144 scored 10 pt when he was 16 with his .270, got a 135/10 pt with a muzzleloader a couple of years later, he is 25 now and has killed a 120 class 8pt or better every year since he started hunting at age 13. I stopped giving him advise on deer hunting a long time ago. A 110/8pt ot a 120/10pt is a real good deer around here.
  13. derbycitycatman

    derbycitycatman Well-Known Member

    Best is my avatar, a real nice 10 pointer that scores 174 5/8, took him with my '06. Main beam length is 26 5/8 on both sides. All the circumference scores were greater than 4". Inside spread was 21 inches. Have no idea what he weighed but he was heavy, real heavy.

    Favorite one was my first one. We had a real good snow and it was still snowing. Put out some Tinks for the first time. A nice little basket 7 pointer charges out of the woods to the apple tree I scented. His nose in the air sniffing and he looks right at me. Finally he turns around and starts trotting off and I take him.

    Took a nice muzzleloader 8 pt a few years back. I havent had him scored but have been told he would hit 150 easy. Ive taken a few does with a bow but Im still looking for my first bow killed buck. I did see a nice 8 pointer last year bowhunting but didnt see him again all season. Seen some huge tracks back at the pond so hopefully hes still around. Ill be hunting him this year.:big_smile:
  14. Kutter

    Kutter New Member

    Arnold, MO
    My only trophy was a 7 pointer. I have got quite a few bucks with many more points and scored a lot higher, but this one is special. Conservation officers aged him at 8 1/2 years and was definitely going downhill. Any buck in MO that gets that old is a trophy to me. He had to of outsmarted quite a few hunters in his lifetime.
  15. R Bishop

    R Bishop New Member

    My best was taken with a longbow in 2003. I didnt weigh the deer but I would guess that he was around 200#. He is in the picture to the left. He was a typical 10 point with 10 1/2 inch brow tines, he scored 176 2/8. Thanks to my choice of tradational equipment and not shooting enough I have managed to miss 2 bucks that made him look small. I love hunting with my stick though.
  16. coalminer78

    coalminer78 New Member

    Lincoln, IL
    My best scored 167 5/8 at the Illinois Deer and Turkey Classic. I killed him with a shotgun in Fulton County, IL on my grandfather's farm.
  17. dougc

    dougc Active Member

    Here's one. Doug3.jpg
  18. field989

    field989 New Member

    east central indiana
    my best deer is my first deer, a 110lb doe
    still havent got another one since then but hopefully i will this year
    i have had shots at other deer but it was one reason or another i didnt get one,

    but i have a good feeling about this year
  19. dougc

    dougc Active Member

    My deer in the above post gross scored 138 6/8 with the left G-2 broken off clean at the base. The right G-2 was 8". Probably would have scored 145-147. This one here gross scores 142 but nets lower because of deductions. Doug2.jpg
  20. liveforcattin08

    liveforcattin08 New Member

    my favorite is my first one. it took 6 years to get it so that made it feel even better! it was a basket rack 6 point. i mainly hunted public land for 5 years and missed a few but got him my 6th year on a friends farm